Thursday, February 16, 2012


We had a great Valentine's week! (And I can't believe I'm actually posting within a couple days of the event!!)


The Friday before Valentine's I decided to have a little party with some of Weston's friends. It absolutely tore our house apart, but I think they had fun:) We played games with hearts and balloons, made valentines, had an indoor Pick Nick, and painted/frosted cookies!

SATURDAY- (not Valentines, but more celebration!)

Our friends Ellen and Jason had tickets to Cirque du Soleil so we both dropped off our kids with their grandma and grandpas and headed out to celebrate Jason's birthday with Dinner and a Show! It was so fun to get out on a date with friends. Thanks to Ellen and Jason for letting us celebrate his birthday with them!!

A note from Saturday morning- When ever I ask Weston what he wants to eat he just looks around and says something like "car," "table," etc. He thinks he's hilarious so in true Weston fashion when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast Saturday morning he said "A beautiful rainbow" thinking he was funny, but I guess I was in a good mood because I decided to make a rainbow:

Pancakes and was actually really good and he ate almost that entire plate:)


Eric planned a surprise for us to do as a family for Valentine's Day and Weston could not stand the idea of surprise, but I love the idea of surprises! He just told me we'd have to leave our house by 3:30.

He did not disappoint us. We left at 3:30 and drove up to Breckenridge, CO for a sleigh ride up the ski slope and dinner! Weston has been telling me once or twice a day since, "Mom, I really liked Dad's surprise."


I don't have pictures from the actual Valentine's Day, but we did our usual thing. Weston and I made heart shaped strawberry pancakes for breakfast and we ordered a heart shaped pizza for dinner! The heart shaped pizza for Valentine's has been a tradition ever since we got married. Our first year married, I surprised Eric with it and he loved it so much that it has turned into one of the only real traditions we have!

It was a great Valentine's Day!!


George and Ashley said...

WOW! You guys had a great Valentines week this year :)

Laura said...

Fun! I can't believe you had that many little kids over ... man, you are crazy! And generous, and awesome, and amazing. Wish we could have come! Ella would have loved it. And impressive rainbow breakfast! You got skills. Especially if you already had all that fruit on hand. :-)

Brandon and Erica said...

CUTE! World's best Momma! Even the picnic blanket you used matched the Valentine's theme :) I'm very impressed.

I love your surprise...I think that is so much fun and adorable (good job Eric). But I am so jealous that we can't come hang out with you guys and the Alleman's for a birthday celebration too! One of these years :)

Still waiting for a baby bump picture post! Take your time, but not pressure :)


Jaime And Kalen said...

will you make me a rainbow? and can eric plan a surprise for our family? Amazing, such a great valentines!