Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Brother-in-law!

Taylor and James got engaged this week! We're really excited for them, but now Eric is going to have to share the favorite son/brother-in-law title and I'm going to have to share wall space in my mom's living room. I guess we can handle that. Welcome to the family James!


These days we spend most of Saturday at the Rugby Pitch and Eric's getting pretty good. He normally plays against some pretty big guys, but look how many of them he left on the ground on his way to scoring this tri!

As you can see Danger is getting better. He got his stiches out this Saturday and he thinks he should get to play more than the doctor thinks. Danger made some friends at the Rugby game this week. He couldn't stay away from this guy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time Travel

This weekend a few of us went to a fifties muscle car show with my finance professor. (Can't turn down a chance to get some good face time in with a professor.) It was fun and there were some jawsome cars. Once I make my first million, we are going to buy that benz in one of the pictures. Things here are great, we have lots of friends and everyone loves us, so not much has changed from our Utah lives. I have career week this week, which means no school,lots of pizza and TV, and some career search. Chels still really likes her job and is happy as can be. Danger is hanging in there, he broke his leg a few weeks ago and has had surgery. He is back to his old self but we still have to keep him locked in his kennel so he won't injure it further.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


We went to the temple the other day and thought we would publish a picture of the beautiful mesa temple.

Dangers Playmate

These are some pictures of our neighbors and their son Boston. Josh is in all the same classes with Eric so they will be here as long as us, it is nice to have normal neighbors. Boston and Danger are best friends. Boston will come and knock on our door to see him and Danger goes crazy. They like to kiss, this is a picture of it.

Weekend fun

This weekend I went out of town to an MBA career fair in Houston so Chelsey's mom came into town for a visit. Houston was fun, but not as fun as the girls had here in AZ. They shopped and decorated, I was way jealous. I didn't miss out on all of the fun though, I made it home in time for some "earomatherapy" ear wax removal treatment. What a girls night out we had!!!! The pictures show our apartment (pretty ghetto we think), pool, and the GNO.