Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas Part 3

When Eric came back we headed out to the Nielson house to hang out for the next few days for some good cousin, sibling, and Grandma/Grandpa time.

The Girls:

The Boys"

Weston and Hannah enjoying his present from Santa:

Uncle Time:

Uncle Cole was giving Piggyback rides... Grandma got one too:

We got all the grandkids together to get some pictures and these were some of my favorite:

Merry Christmas Part 2

For the next few days Eric left on business/football game with his friend Jordan and Weston and I got to hang out with Grandma Beverly. I don't have many pictures because Eric had the camera.

One night while I was wrapping presents my Grandma busted out a bucket full of paints, sponges, paper, and other crafty stuff and she and Weston went to work. He was a pretty happy guy!

Merry Christmas Part 1

Eric was out of town until the day before we left to Utah for Christmas. Then we decided to have a party the day he came home:) Not sure what we were thinking, but it was a lot of fun!

Anyway, given the craziness, we really enjoyed a couple days of Christmas time with just our little family. We decided to drive to Utah and were were planning to drive up to Ogden the next day for the annual Nielson Family Abelskiever Day so my aunt was out of town and let us stay at her house in Ogden to make all the drives shorter. It turned out to be such a nice treat!

We went to see the downtown Ogden Light Display, got pizza, and rented a movie! It was GREAT!

I promise I was there...I'm just usually behind the camera:)

A visit from Ashley and Max!

Ashley came to stay with her sister again so we got to spend the days hanging out while Alison worked! One day we ventured out with Ellen and Gavin to the Museum of Nature and Science.

Weston LOVED it!

Pretending to be archeologists-

Playing with scarves and fans-

Pretending to be astronauts-

Playing the drums-

General Conference 2010

My efforts to make the General Conference fun for a 2 1/2 year old actually paid off:

I found a couple ideas online. One was to have a bag for each apostle with something fun it and he got to open it when they got up to speak. His second favorite was a BINGO game inside one of the bags. He loved getting to put skittles on the different pictures when he heard someone mention one of them:)

The guys after conference. I can tell it must be football because they weren't nearly as engaged as Weston during conference:)

I tried out my Abelskiever pan and it worked out pretty well!

Weston and Grandma Tyresha playing the keyboard-