Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Swim Lessons!

Weston's been taking swim lessons and loving it! Before he started he was really nervous to put his face into the water and now he's all about it! There are four kids in the class and they all sit on the stairs listening to there teach and then take turns trying it out.

Weston loves his teacher, Daniel! We'll be driving to the rec. center and Weston will say, "Mom, do you think Daniel's getting his swimming suit on right now? Do you think he's driving there too?" In class he jumps all over him and lucky Daniel is very patient:) Today was his last lesson in this set and I think he might be devastated if Daniel isn't his teacher the next time around!

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Lesly said...

that's awesome! We're signing Pip up this summer. She's super excited to learn to swim. Miss ya guys!