Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still here

To all of you who can't live without checking our blog for updates, we wanted to give you something new to look at. We are here in Indiana and loving every minute of it. Things have been pretty crazy since we got here. We flew in labor Day weekend and both had to work on Tuesday, so no time to settle. The moving company didn't bring our things for a week so we lived out of suit cases and are still trying to unpack and decorate in our spare time. Once we get our house in order, we will post some pictures. Chelsey has already had a business trip to Northern Indiana and our Neighborhood threw us a welcome party (it was actually the annual block party). So pretty much we are loving life post-school and don't miss any of you (well Chelsey might at least). Please come visit.

Love the Nielsons

This great lake is just 8 minutes from our house, and this is the pretty highway you drive on for 8 minutes to get to the great lake. The pic of Chels is from a house hunting trip in Aug, so it is a bit dated. Lets just say she isn't shrinking. (and thats a good thing)