Monday, June 24, 2013

1st Birthday!

Does it get any cuter than this girl??
1 Year Stats:  30.75" (92%) & 19 lbs 10oz. (48%)

I think this has officially been the fastest year of my life to date.  I can't believe Livi is already one!  She is so sweet and we can't get enough of her.  She's a pretty happy kid, but she'll let you know if she's not getting what she wants:)  Lately that is going up and down the stairs, her way not the safe way, and having us hold her hands and walk her around...where SHE wants to go!  As of her birthday, she would take a couple steps on her own, but now a couple weeks later I think we can consider her a walker!  She's pretty wobbly, but she can make it across the room and she loves to bend down, pick something up, drop it, and start over, laughing the whole time.

She still loves Weston and wants to do whatever he does.  She loves when he plays with her or dances with her.  She laughs every time he does anything naughty, which just fuels the fire, but it is pretty cute:)

She thinks it is hilarious when anyone, but especially Eric, says "uh oh!" and she tries to copy him.

She loves the copy cat game, but especially when we are copying her.  She'll hollar to Eric from the backseat, another room, or right in front of him, "Da!" and he hollars back "Da" and she laughs and does it again and again.  I love it!

She plays "peek-a-boo" by covering her ears instead of her eyes.

She will help me unload the dishwasher and as she hands me each piece of silverware says, "thank you".  Well mostly just the tone of thank you, but I'm pretty sure that's what she's trying to say.

Her first word was probably "Sadie"  (Taylor's dog).  She loves her.  We've been watching her for the weekend and she just sequels with excitement saying "Sadie" and trying to walk and follow her.

She is my climber.  She'll climb up anything she can get a foot hold on.

She loves to feed Danger.  She will look right at me wit a straight face while I'm telling her that her food is for her not Danger and her little hand will still make its way off her high chair and over to Danger.

She is a great eater.  So far she pretty much likes everything.  Lately she has been more stubborn about using silverware.  She can't quite pick up her food, but she tries and occasionally gets it or she holds her fork out to me and grunts/sequels until I put something on it and then she takes it back and feeds herself.

She also likes to drink water or milk and then let is just flow out of her mouth.  SERIOUSLY??  As I'm saying, "Liv, No."  She just gets a big grin on her face.

She just started sleeping through the night and it's AMAZING!!

Love this girl!!

We had a little party with family and a couple friends.  A week or so before her birthday Weston told me, "Mom, when I was playing with Livi in the playroom, she told me that she wants a pinata for her party."  I guess if that's what she wants...

Livi got the first shot at the know, since she was so excited about it:)

It may have been rigged to give Weston the best chance of busting it open.

Even Livi got in on the Candy scramble.  Weston made sure she got the necklace he put in there for her.  (And he got the other one-which he hasn't taken off much since)
Who knew Weston liked Pinatas so much!

Opening presents with Dad

She slowly got more and more help from the kids.

She loved her garage sale bike!
 When we first gave her the cupcake she touched it a little, but I don't think she knew how to pick it up.  She just kept stretching her arms out and squawking, "uh, uh" until I would pick it up for her to eat.  I finally got her to hold onto it and she put it straight up to her mouth and just started inhaling.  She didn't move it forever.  I think half of it was gone before she moved from the first picture below. 
I was actually a little worried she couldn't breathe.

Still inhaling...
Oh good...she was breathing

Sharing with Dad!

Clean clothes and a little bike ride = happy girl!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pre-School Graduation!

Weston has LOVED pre-school!  He went to "First Friends Pre-School" with Ms. Kim.  She is in our ward and lived around the corner.  He only had 6 kids in his class, we could walk to pre-school, and he would have been happy going 5 days a week instead of 2 :) 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Utah May 2013!

We were so excited to attended Jordan and Les's wedding that we decided to make a family trip out of it and go early enough for Eric to help plan a bachelor party for Pig in Wendover.  The guys definitely had fun, but the only picture I have access to from the bachelor party isn't really blog appropriate and we had so much fun at the wedding and reception that I didn't take any pictures but we're so happy for Jordan and Les!

The rest of our trip to Utah was great too.  When we left we decided it was one of our best trips to Utah yet.  Here's the quick version:

Fountains at City Creek - They could have stayed all day!

Park Night with Jax!

Treehouse Children's museum

My Climber!

Oh, how the world would be different with Grandma Beverly as President


Dress up!

The little sister and little brother

The big brother and big sister

More Cousin fun with Dawson!

Stella's everyone's favorite puppy!

Uncle Wrestling

Great Grandpa Reed!

Taking flowers to Grandma LuAnn

Friend Playdate at the Park!

Great Grandpa Ragsdale came to aunt Tiff's 2nd grade class to do Chemistry Magic and we got to go watch!

Grandma Krista was the energizer bunny.   She played and played and played with the kids and they loved it!  They can't wait for her to come out here in a month!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Skyler!

I feel like Taylor has been pregnant FOREVER!  We've been so excited to meet this baby girl and she kept playing tricks on her mom, but she finally came about a week late.  Taylor invited me to be there when she had her and it was amazing.  Skye gave Taylor a run for her money for 23 hours, but Taylor was amazing and Skyler is beautiful and as sweet as can be!
Livi was much more friendly with Skyler before she was born...She's a little jealous now:)

Don't let her fool you.  She looks like she wants to see Skyler, but she really wants whoever is holding Skyler to hold her:)
Still Jealous.  She been known to push her away.  Hopefully their friendship only gets better from here!

Weston on the other-hand LOVES her!

Skyler Mae Brinkerhoff - so sweet!

We even drug Nic along with us to see his new Niece:)