Monday, June 29, 2009

A boy and his puppy!

While Danger is more than a hand full, Weston sure loves him. Weston's starting to be able to hold his own (if kicking danger in the head and pulling on his collar is considered fair wrestling!) Danger loves Weston too...when he hears him waking up on the monitor he's the first one in his room. Then Weston's all smiles when I go to pick him up, but then his eyes go immediately to the ground looking for Danger who gets smiles and I guess Danger is his favorite. What can you do, the little guy runs off with all of his toys and still wins the popularity contest!

Weston is also getting pretty resourceful. He's not crawling yet, but he can get to something if he wants it...Our DVDs didn't see it coming. He sprawls them all over the floor at least once a day.

These are just a bonus...Weston loves to play and LOVES to talk! These pictures don't show case it, but his latest cry sounds like he's saying "hungry." It's actually more like "hungee," but most of the time when he does it he actually is hungry. I'm not sure if he know what he's doing, but we have been dying laughing that our little guy's first word might be hungry!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lovin' Summertime!

We'll start with a Weston update! He now weighs 20 Lbs 15oz., he's 29 inches tall, and 6 1/2 months old! We're having a lot of fun and loving that it's finally summer! Last Sunday afternoon we spent at the park and Weston loved the swings! Danger loves the park, but it turns out he's not the biggest fan of the slide!

Today we went to a pool party for our friend Dave's birthday and Weston got to swim and sport his swim wear for the first time!

Weston and Ainsley had a great chicken fight...but I'm not sure they got it, I think they attacked their dads more than each other!

And we thought, instead of teaching Weston to swim, we'd teach him to fly!

Weston's growing so fast now. He's graduated to a new carseat. He's trying all sorts of new food and loves them all. He's not quite crawling, but he's really trying...

Unfortunately, it usually ends like this...

(I know you're thinking...How could I dress my baby in this outfit?!? But he was just so excited about our new Ute professor neighbor moving in that he insisted on wearing it!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We made a trip out to Utah last month and had a lot of fun seeing family and friends. We got to be there for so many important events! We're lucky so many things were going on at the same time and even more lucky that Eric and I could both keep working from home on the road!

First, Eric's brother Cole was called to the Arcadia, CA mission and we were able to be at his farewell! Congrats, Good Luck, and We Love you Cole! (This picture's from Christmas...I guess we were too busy hanging out to take pictures)

Next, My Auntie Anna graduate from college with her bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems! We are so excited for her and proud of her. She's been working hard for a lot of years. I am kind of sad that it means we probably won't be able to have anymore math study sessions, but I guess we can find more reasons to hang out! We love you Anna!

And since we were there for 2 weeks we got to do a lot more!

My dad got a little more Grandpa and Weston time than he usually does since Grandma Tyresha had to go home and work for a couple days so they lived it up and Granpa is teaching Weston how to run already...and how to nap (he does both really well!)

We were also there over Memorial Day and I got to meet up with my Grandpa larsen and Paul and Holly and Lindsey and Tim to visit my Grandma's headstone and go to dinner! We had fun getting to see each other and afterward I went to take flowers to LuAnn's grave and Anna introduced Weston to his other grandma (It was pretty sweet...Don't mind that he's half naked, he was happy)

We got to see a lot of friends! Weston and I went to a BBQ and George and Ashley's and we got to see Brian and Mindyn too! Erica and Brandon couldn't make it to the BBQ, but Erica made a special cameo in Sandy to come see us! We also had a BBQ with Jake's house with Eric's High School friends, and Weston tried his best to put the moves on Meg!

We got to see Weston's friends too! He got to hang out with his cousin Hannah a little bit more and they were fascinated with each other (until Weston's "talking" or more commonly called screaming scared her...)

Here's Weston putting the moves on Meg and she's got a look for him that says "Excuse me..."

We also overlapped our trip with the Hank's trip to Utah so we got to meet up at Katie and Spencer's new house to introduce all the boys! Aren't they cute little buddies!

These pictures are actually from when my mom and Taylor came out to visit us, but I couldn't find them when I was posting about that so I'm throwing them in here because they're too cute to be left out!

Finally...We had so much fun in Utah, but we were pretty worn out and excited to get home and see Eric!


Many of you know my Grandpa passed away about 3 weeks ago of bone cancer. We were able to make it out to Utah to see him and be with him and most of our family for his last couple days here. Taylor made this program cover for the funeral which was perfect as he looks so happy in such a peaceful setting. I know this is the state he's in now and I'm very grateful for it! Love you Grandpa!