Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hana Hawaii!

I am back to blogging, and I am back in a big way! This is my (Eric) first post in years, so I apologize if this falls below the standard Chelsey has set.

Our good friends, Andy and Alex Thomas, invited us to join them in Hana, Hawaii on the island of Maui during Andy's break from residency and we couldn't have been happier to go. If you are friends with them, I recommend you check their blog for full details as Alex has done a far better review of the trip and all the activities we were able to fit in during our 10 day trip.

The trip started with us renting an awesome 4-door Jeep for the trip- I mainly did this so that people in Hawaii would know that I went to Skyline High School. Andy and I both fell in love with the Jeep and are now in the process of convincing our wives to let us buy one. I will probably just do it and surprise her, she loves that kind of stuff.

We had a great time- the Hana House (Alex's grandma's house) was amazing, check out the view we woke up to every morning.

Hana has so many great pools, beaches, places for cliff jumping, caves and hikes that we almost didn't need to go to the main part of the island. However, we did make it up for a day for some beach and pool time, and also to go to a real restaurant as Hana doesn't have much to choose from.

We had a blast and most of all, enjoyed great company from the Thomas crew. West still talks about Meg and Cole, but mostly Meg. What can I say, my boy likes girls! He even held her hand, meaning he did this about 20 years sooner than his dad!

On one of the last days, we also decided to take advantage of having a semi-pro photographer with us (Andy) and take some family pictures.

Thanks again to the Thomas crew- you guys are awesome!