Friday, September 10, 2010

Anderson Orchard

We went with our new friends Will and Nicol to Anderson Orchard this morning. Weston loves our one little tomato plant so I've been excited to take him to an orchard. We just missed the blueberries in the summer, but we finally made it out.

Weston loves his new friend Will. They were so funny playing together on the drive up- clapping, laughing, and kicking their feet and copying each out in everything they could think of.

I think the boys each ate at least 6 apple (sometimes 2 at a time) and Weston kept going for the bucket of raspberries. We were lucky to make it out of there with any!

On the way out we bought apple cider slushies...Yumm!!!

Pre-Pre School

Weston had his first day of Pre-preschool this week and loved it!

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day Weekend! We finally made it to the farmer's market on Saturday and we're really sad we didn't make it out more ofter over the summer. Eric pushed back all summer, but he ended up having fun and found himself a great hamburger for breakfast.

We don't have any pictures of me with Weston since I'm always taking the pictures so Eric tried to get one...Weston wasn't thrilled about it...

He's a major daddy's boy lately...

Monday we did a lot of cleaning...I had a fun girls afternoon out for lunch and a pedicure, and then we had a BBQ at the park with some friends!

First IU Football Game!

We met up with Eric's co-workers for some tailgating and football. Weston had a lot of fun, but didn't make it for too much of the game. Our seats were a little too far from the action to keep his attention.

We got a little closer on our way out to get this picture and all of the sudden he's supper interested in the game:)

Enjoying the first few minutes!

A little weary of the chick-fil-a cow, but loves looking at these pictures...

We were excited to see Jessie again. This is one of Eric's co-workers in Asia. She had Easter dinner with us the Easter before last and I think she was legitimately disappointed Weston didn't remember her. He started to warm up by the end of the night!

Park Days

We are REALLY going to miss when the park when winter comes!

Sharing! I think Piper was the only with a smile...

It was so fun to see Bethany and Ainsley again...We started doing playgroup with Ella, Ainsley, and Isabelle when Weston was about 4 months old. They're so big now :)

21 Months

Weston is full of life and we're loving him! He's still exploding with more words everyday. I love that he mixes up me and you. He'll point to a picture of himself and say "you" (or Westons...He can say his name, but he always pluralizes it) And if he wants to be held he'll say "hold you." He's starting to put two or three words together and it's so fun to be able to talk to him.

He loves Caillou. I'm pretty sure he'd watch it all day if I let him and then try to do everything Caillou does:)

His little mind is always going. He's pretty good at entertaining himself and he'll make games. The other day he was laying out different cloths and blankets on the ground and jumping from one to the next. I have no idea where he got it from, but it was cracking me up!

He LOVES to color and still LOVES anything to do with a ball!

We love this guy....he's so smart and always keeps us on our toes!

Doesn't he look brilliant! He decided he needed to put on every shirt he owned. He kept bringing more out to me to help him. We got ten on before he couldn't move his arms!