Sunday, June 1, 2014

Year in Review!

We moved, got pregnant, bought a mini van and a lot of other things, but here is the short version:)

Played T-Ball!
Happy 4th of July
Earned a Skate Board!
Happy 7th Anniversary!
(Eric broke his wrist in a car accident totaling the SUV...hence the Minivan purchase)
Skyler's Blessing Day!
Cabo Trip with Grandma, Grandpa, Taylor, James, and Skyler!
Weston officially learned to Swim:)

Went to Vegas for Cook's 50th...Lost my pictures, but good memories of the Hash House a Go Go:)

We have rescued/killed many worms:)

We moved!  Weston wanted a "Utes" room and as the traitor that I am...we went all in.  He painted at least half of that red wall:)

First Day of Pre-School with Ms. Lori and Christ Lutheran Church
Happy Halloween!
Ward Party!
Pre-school Parade!
Pre-school Party!
Love my Ninja Turtles:)
Fall Soccer!  Weston supplied the team with "eye blacks"  They were super serious!
Happy 5th Birthday Weston!
Surprising Grandma Beverly with her book from the Grandkids for Christmas!

Anderson Family Christmas Party and my cute little wise man!
The full cast-
Exploring the new museum in Salt Lake with Grandma Beverly

Chick-fil-A brunch with friends and found out Lindsey was pregnant too!!!

Grandma Krista made them their own tee-pee for Christmas:)
Grandma literally wrestled with him for an hour...he's one lucky boy!

Christmas looks like we're not quite awake:)
Santa brought West a Utes Bike and Livi a baby stroller and crib!
Livi may be the only kid who likes getting clothes as a present...she tried to put her shirt on as soon as she opened it, and ended up wearing it around her neck for a while:)

Christmas Day Nap!

Boys Club!

First Pony Tail:)

Happy Valentines Day!  He loves her even if it looks like he's strangling her:)

Pre-school Party!

St. Patrick's Day at the Zoo with Grandpa's work!

The Geese were quite the attraction...followed by a little wrestling.  This little girl can certainly hold her own.

A couple Sick Days :(
Some Monkey Business!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Park Days!
Livi all the sudden got brave:)

Happy Easter 2014!

 Can't take off on the egg hunt without a skirt:)
The Easter bunny was tricky and generous this year.  He filled up our garden plot/sandbox while he was hiding eggs.  Livi obviously loved it, and Weston's response was, "So Creepy...So Creepy.  How did he do it so fast??"

Heading off to church!
A last minute Jazz Game!

Lots of Coloring!

Lots of Basketball
Lots of "personality" from this little one

"safety first?!"
 She wasn't in the mood to shop so she pulled the chair from the lego table to the window to longingly look outside:)
 I guess it's more comfortable up there-
 Now she's in the mood to shop...and so independent:)

 Just chillin' in the window sill at Crave:)
The grocery story Horsey...can't leave without it:)

The final Pre-school Graduation!
So serious as he accepts his diploma from Ms. Lori.
I really can't believe he'll be in kindergarten in just a couple months!!
Mom and the Graduate!
Dad and the Graduate!
Starting Summer off right with slip 'n slide and science:)

We have a busy June ahead of us and can't wait to meet this sweet little boy in a few days!!  It's going to be a new adventure:)