Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy New Year 2011!

We celebrated New Year's Eve this year with some Ice Skating and dinner downtown. We headed down early around 5 and we're luck to have no traffic, no problem parking, and not much of a wait for dinner.

I'm not the most confident ice skater so for the sake of the baby girl I decided to just take pictures. Weston had so much fun. His favorite was for Eric to just hold him up and he would move his feet back and forth on the ice as fast as he could. All was going great for about 30 minutes until somehow they ended up on the ice and Eric landed on top of Weston. There was some blood and crying for a few minutes until a horse and carriage walked by and he was completely distracted. We ended up heading home around 8:30. We didn't even make it for the 9pm fireworks, but Weston was asleep within 2 minutes of getting to the car and we enjoyed a movie at home:)

Showing off his smashed up least he's still smiling!

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