Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! (and Happy Everything else with the posts below)

Happy Easter! We are having a pretty low key Easter over here. A couple days ago Weston was sick and asleep on the couch so I was trying to think of something productive to do. I decided to take Weston's basket back to my room to help the Easter bunny fill it up. As soon as he woke-up he says, "Where's my basket?" I told him that the Easter Bunny had taken it, but he would bring it back on Easter full of treats! A few minutes later he was looking for his little kid table (that we moved out of our kitchen a few months ago). He said, "Mommy, where's my table?" I didn't answer right away and then I heard him say "...the Easter Bunny took it :(" That dang Easter Bunny was really starting to mess with Weston's stuff, but he came through this morning and brought lots of fun things!

Weston LOVES sunglasses so the Easter Bunny brought him two pair!

The binoculars were also a great closet cleaning find. Weston knew exactly what they were thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:)

Weston has pretty much destroyed his Easter baskets from previous years so he needed a new one. I let him pick out which one he wanted at Target and this is what he chose. I was kind of surprised out of all the colorful, cheesy baskets he chose this, but it definitely was the biggest one there. Maybe he already understood that if he had a big basket the Easter Bunny would probably fill it up??

Our little cowboy!

Happy Closet Cleaning?

A great closet cleaning find! Our little student body officer in the making:

Why not throw in a Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Birthday Eric and Merry Christmas everyone else!

My parents gave us all minutes to do Ifly (indoor skydiving) for Christmas and we decided to go do it for Eric's birthday. We also found out there is now a Cafe Rio in Denver so, of course, Eric chose it for his birthday dinner!

Grandpa Fred

Grandma Tyresha







After we got into the chamber and learned how to move a little our trainer would grab on to us and take us up and down in the chamber! We had so much fun:)

We thought West would just watch, but they let him suit up and get in. He was pretty excited. He sat totally silent watching each person and was very brave on his turn. They turned the wind down quite a bit for him and the trainer obviously never let go of him, but I think he was pretty proud of himself!!

We had so much fun! It was just as much fun to watch everyone else as it was to actually go:) Thanks for the present Mom and Dad!

Merry Christmas!!

We spent Christmas in Colorado with my side of the family. Weston is the only grandchild so I think we were all a little excited for Christmas morning. Taylor and James even slept over so that we could all hang out together:) When Weston woke up we let him go wake up everybody else and then we all went downstairs with him to see if Santa had come. Santa had brought Weston a Mickey Mouse train and a couple other things. The train was going and everyone was looking at Weston waiting for a reaction and he just started crying. I think all the attention scared him, but it was pretty cute. Once we turned the train off and let him into his stocking he cheered right up!

Gummy Worms!

Checking out the hot wheels with Grandma

Reading with Daddy

Opening more presents with Aunt Taylor

This is what we got for about 4 months straight when we asked him to smile??

Opening probably his favorite Christmas present (a scooter and helmet) from Grandma and Grandpa

Shoveling Snow with Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Eric!- Keystone

We went to Colorado for Christmas this year and decided to take a quick trip to Keystone for Eric's birthday since Weston could hang out with Grandma and Grandpa (THANK YOU!!). We had a great time, shopping, ice skating, swimming, and eating lots of yummy food so calmly without a 2 year old!

The atmosphere at the resort was so fun!

This display in the lobby was made completely of chocolate. There was even a moving train and chairlift!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Grandma Beverly!

We were so lucky to get to have Grandma Beverly come hang out with us this week while Eric was gone. Weston was so excited days before she came to show her all of his things. They had A LOT of fun together, but still probably not as much fun as I had with Grandma. The week flew by and we really didn't "do" very much as neither of us can stop talking, but we only get so many chances to stay up all night talking so it was GREAT!

First things first, we played some baseball in the back yard. Weston got some great tips from Grandma and LOVED being chased:

Next, showed off some bike riding. I guess he just needed a little extra opportunity to show off. He actually used his pedals all the was down our driveway and sidewalk!

Weston had his mind set on going to get a kite with Grandma:

He loved Grandma reading him stories:

They even had a sleepover on the couch one night:

(One night Weston just wouldn't go to sleep. He was wide awake. I had been in and out of his room several times and then tried bringing him into my bed. My grandma wasn't very tired so she was going to stay up and watch TV for a little while and said I could send him out if I wanted. It took me about 2 minutes to decide I wanted to send him out. He was thrilled and I woke up to this. I had a doctor's appointment and got home about 9:30 and they had just woken up:)

My Grandma does some commercials here and there and needed some new photos to send into her agency. I'm not exactly a professional photographer, but we had fun messing around and Weston had to get in on the action:

But SERIOUSLY, isn't she one Gorgeous Great Grandma!

Weston could have spent all day throwing rocks and sticks into this creek on campus.

A little more kite flying and then we called it a night.

We had so much fun! We made some yummy food, ate out a couple times (some good, one really quite bad), took a little trip to Nashville (IN) and talked, talked, and talked some more! Love you Grandma!