Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Weston!

We can't believe Weston's already two??? He really loved his birthday this year. It is so fun to see him get excited and understand so much. We bought Mickey Mouse plates and cups for his party so the night before I asked him if he wanted Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast on his birthday (of course he said yes). Then I asked what he wanted with them, and he responded "orange juice...Mickey Mouse cup" Fast forward to his birthday morning at 6:30am. Weston wakes up, I tell him Happy Birthday, and immediately he asks for his orange juice in the Mickey Mouse cup :)

I told him he could have candles on his pancakes and forgot, that's why we did them on half eaten pancakes:)

He requested Pluto too...not quite as easy as Mickey and Toodles.

And Lots and Lots of Blueberries!!

After breakfast we opened presents. The poor kid got mostly "outside toys" for his December birthday, but we let him play with them in the house for a little while :) Grandpa and Grandma sent him his very own golf clubs. An 8 iron and a putter. He was really excited!! After one swing with the 8 iron we had to take it away, but we let him play with the putter for a while...

(Don't mind his "hospital PJs"...they were given to us and they're 3 sizes too big, but he always picks them because of the puppy prints on them)

Mommy and Daddy got him a baseball tee. He started out the day missing the ball half the time, but by the end of the day he got a pretty good handle on it and it really should be an outside toy now too!

We woke up this morning to our first snow of the season and West was SO EXCITED! He's been wanting to shovel snow since last year! I considered it his little gift from Heaven for his birthday...

The big shovel was a little big to handle so we got out a small one and Weston went around shoveling off all the trees and bushes

Next he decided to try out jumping face first in it like the rain puddles...

After doing that 30 or so times he realized I had cleared the drive way so he decided to pull out his bike...

For Weston's birthday party we went BOWLING with his friends. They had a ball. Their excitement was contagious...they loved to clap and jump and cheer for/with each other.

Lots of moral support...

The gang...these kids are too cute together. We are so blessed to have such great friends!!!

What Weston's up to at 2:

Weston cracks us up these days. Most recently....HE'S OFF THE BINKI!!!!! It went so much easier than I expected. Earlier this week I was putting away some of his baby toys and I explained to him that he played with these toys when he was a baby, but he doesn't anymore so we're going to put them away. He went and got two of his binki's out of the crib and brought them to me. He told me "give binki's to babies." So I asked him if he was sure and explained that he wouldn't have them when it was time for a nap and he kept telling me to give them to the babies. So I thought, well let's give it a shot. When it was nap time, I could not get him to relax. He wouldn't let me rock him, he was whining a lot, but never asked for his binki. After about an hour of trying to get him to take a nap I asked him if he wanted a binki, but it might be broken (I didnt' want to completely give in). He nodded yes, so I went and got one of his binkis, cut the tip off, and gave it to him. He was so frustrated. He kept telling me "broken, broken" He didn't want it. I tried "cry it out", but since he can get out of his crib, turn on the light, and open his door that didn't work very well. Next I tried sitting in the chair in his room. He played for about an hour in his crib with his stuffed animals and never went to sleep. Eventually I gave up on the nap, but that night he went to bed with no problem. We were completely shocked. Day two, no nap, but went to bed completely fine again. Day three, fell asleep on the couch for his nap, we moved him to his bed and he slept fine. Day four, wouldn't take a nap, finally let him watch Mickey and he was out in 2 minutes. Day five (TODAY)....normal nap and went to bed fine!!!!! YEA!!!!

He's got a great imagination and actually plays by himself really well. He loves to play with his stuffed animals. They play basketball or "backelshoops" with him, they do ring around the rosies, he puts them to bed, and takes them for rides in the car.

He's talking quite a bit and has started to sing and dance a lot lately. Mostly Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. It's pretty cute.

We sure love our little guy! Happy Birthday West!