Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 Years Old!

Weston turned 3 a couple of months ago, and he's still as fun and lively as ever! He's growing like crazy and taller than most of his friends.

He is super into Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Captain Hook. We missed dressing up for Halloween with our Hawaii trip so we had a "pirate party" for Weston and let him dress up like a pirate for his birthday. Life was a little crazy around his birthday so this blurry picture is the only one I have.

Earlier I asked him what his favorite things are to do now that he's three. He told me: Play with toys, go for walks, watch shows, (and then really enthusiastically) RUN REALLY REALLY FAST!

"Going for walks" includes his scooter, bike, walking, and anything he can do around the block. For a little while he was obsessed with his goggles:

Other things he's into:

*Airplanes and Suit Cases- He loves to pretend our stairs are an airplane and pack up his bags, load them onto the "moving thing", put his seat belt on, take off, get a drink, throw it away, land,and pick up his bags.
*Firefighters- He runs around with his firefighter hat on and the bike pump putting out fires all over our house.
*Phones- he likes to pretend call us and chat. Today he told me to call dad. I picked up the phone and said, "Hi, sweetheart." He looked at me so disappointed and said, "I said call Dad." I told him that I was, I just was calling him "sweetheart." He looked so confused, like I must be joking. He pointed to himself and said, "I'm sweetheart." So I asked him what I should call Dad. Again he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Dad or Eric."
* The Utes- I know. I failed miserably in the BYU vs. Utah battle with Weston. At least daily he asks me, "Mom, Do you like the Cougars?" I respond yes which is always followed by a very enthusiastic "THE COUGARS ARE YUCKY!!!"
*Swimming- He just started swimming lessons and he's LOVING it. I brought him without goggles the first day, and most of the other kids had little goggles (just regular ones, not like the snorkling ones above) so we had to go get him some. It's so fun to watch him. He's so proud of himself for going under water with his goggles:) On another note, he's a little crazy. He actually pays attention to his teacher pretty well, but in his classes, the second the teacher is helping someone else he is climbing the guard rails or splashing the other kids, or popping up and down in the water while all the other kids sit there quietly on the stair waiting for their turn. I'm glad he has so much fun, but I'm trying to figure out how to get him to pay attention when it's not his turn. Any tips are welcome!
*TV- he's all about his shows and movies lately and unfortunately he's been watching a lot of them. The funny thing is that he insists on sitting on the spot on the couch that is directly centered in front of the TV whether we are upstairs or in the basement. Whether someone else is already sitting there or not. He's a little OCD when it comes to his TV habits.
*Burps and other bodily functions- He's quite the boy and thinks that all these sounds are HILLARIOUS! He can make himself burp more easily and more often than anyone I've seen. He is addicted. I think we made the mistake of laughing the first time and are having to do serious back peddling for it not to present itself in the most inappropriate of places. He now has to leave the table almost daily to go burp in the bathroom. That's the best we could think of to try and control it since he insists that it's a necessity.
*The dishes- He kind of over unloading them already, but LOVES to hand wash dishes. It usually just means everything gets really wet and we waste a lot of water, but I can usually bribe him to eat by offering to let him help do dishes when were done.
*Nephi- We've been trying to read scriptures to him and teach him about people in the scriptures. He has really latched on to Nephi, Laman and Lemuel from The Book of Mormon. Unfortunately he always wants to pretend he's Laman or Lemuel. The other day he said to me, "Mom, were Laman and Lemuel. Dad is Nephi. Let's tie him up and throw him in the sea!!" I guess I can see how that's more exciting than being the good guy, but I'm still trying to push how cool Nephi is:)
*And of course, PIRATES. We watch a lot of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and the Movie Hook around here. Once again, he much prefers being Captain Hook than Jake or Peter Pan. He occasionally likes to be Peter Pan if I'm Rufio and throw a "coconut" for him to slice with his sword!

He loves to play the bad guys, but he really is such a sweetheart. At night when either of us puts him to bed we'll lie down with him for a second and almost always he'll turn to us out of nowhere and say, in the sweetest voice, either, "How was your day mom?" or "I really love you Mom." I love it!

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Jaime And Kalen said...

Happy Three Years cute weston, we think it is cute that you burp at the table, you are welcome to eat with us whenever your mom excuses you from her table!