Thursday, July 5, 2012

Father's Day!

Eric is such a great Dad, and we wanted to make sure he knew that so we had to find him extra special gifts: A brand new sweet little girl!
And....WATER GUNS! Weston was so excited to pick out a present for Eric and he new exactly what he wanted to get. Luckily we bought them the day before Father's day because I'm not sure if he could have lasted any longer without letting Eric open them. Weston also got him a gift card to hit a bucket of balls, but he did slip up on keeping that secret so he and dad got to go use it Saturday night before father's day. They have a little mini-golf course at the driving range too, and I heard they both got a hole in one!
After the excitement of opening presents, Eric and Weston went to church. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to see Weston sing on the stage, but it turned out that he was too scared to go up so I guess we'll both get another chance when they do the primary program. After church, we headed up to my parents house to celebrate with great food and A LOT of golf on TV (good thing it was Father's Day!) I haven't been the best at getting the right pictures lately so I don't have one of Eric with both West and Livi and I didn't get one of my dad, but I feel lucky that my kids have Eric as a dad and two amazing Grandpas as well! Livi with Uncle Nic at the Father's Day dinner:
And with Aunt Taylor...I'm kind of surprised Danger isn't up there too, she's kind of the favorite:


I decided to be brave and sign Weston up for Soccer that would start the Saturday before I was due and go for 4 weeks. It turns out that Livi came early, and it started the Satruday after she was born, but she was a trooper and came to the soccer game and slept in her carrier so that I could watch Weston! The kids didn't actually get to play games against each other, but more games with soccer balls that got them comfortable running and kicking. I think Weston was one of the most enthusiastic kids on the field. He loved it! Weston tended to kick his ball a little further and faster than a lot of the kids so he had gone past the coach and was coming back:)
They play a game called "Mr. Fox" and all the kids yell "Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox, What time is it?" and one of the coaches yells out a time and they kick the ball that many times towards him. When they start to get close, he yells out "Lunch Time" and runs after them trying to steal their ball and then they would become a fox with him. Weston loved being a fox so he always ran right up to the coach with his ball to get it stolen. This picture is of him stealing a ball after he became a fox. He didn't get the "no hands" rule the first week, but he has since caught on:)

The Bilibed

Our sweet little girl's bilirubin's levels were a little too high leaving the hospital so we had to go into the pediatrician the first day home. She was still to high so they sent us a bilibed that we had to keep her in 24/7 unless we were changing or feeding her. Luckily she did fine with it. I think it was much harder on us not being able to cuddle with her. She ended up having to stay on it Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening. We were so excited to get the call from the doctor on Friday that Eric had her out of the bed and in his arms before I could even get off the phone with the doctor.
Aunt Taylor stopped by on Wednesday right after the bed showed up so we let her sneak a few minutes of cuddles before we had to put her back in the bed!
While Livi was chiling on the bed, Weston was perfecting his "Puss in Boots" moves: