Sunday, November 25, 2007

Football weekend

So today was a great day. First, I got to miss the last 2 hrs of Church. Second, I got to go see the 49ers beat the Cardinals. It was the most crazy game I have ever seen with the 49ers winning in OT on a Cardinal fumble in the endzone. You should watch some highlights or something cause it was a great game. It makes up for Utah losing another game they gave away in the last minute to BYU. Here is the game winning fumble recovery and the game saving defense at the end of regulation.


Thanksgiving was great. Lucky for us Chels has Grandparents about three hours south right on the Mexican border, it saved us from pizza and football. (Wait, that doesn't sound so bad.) Anyways it was a lot of fun and we even went into Mexico to shop. We both got some cheep Mexican eye glasses. With all the dentists and eye dr's it was senior citizen heaven. Here is a pic of Danger as we were driving home. He had three other little dogs to play with down there, he was pretty sad to leave.

Girls girls girls

Chels and her friends decided to have a wedding party. Here is the deal, they all brought their wedding videos, stories, and pictures. I am so sad that I had class, I love watching wedding videos, and by that I mean I hate it.

Time for more blog fun

It has been a while, but here is the recent haps. We had a great annual Thunderbird Rugby Invitational. A bunch of grad schools came into town and had some fun. We lost to Stanford by three, and to Columbia by five, and we beat Wharton by 38. The tourny was great, but the rodeo was even more great. There is a place here that rents you the ring and the animals. Drunk students and bull riding is a dangerous but very entertaining combination. Here is a picture of the team from Texas at the rodeo.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Utah friends and the Nogger

Just throwing out an idea to the party planning committee. My suggestion for the day would be the Saturday before Christmas. Chelsey and I are only in town from Thursday to Christmas day, and Saturday seems to be a nice fit. I know that Boy and Sierra will be in town for it, and I assume that the two Thomas families, the Harpers, and anyone else I may be forgetting will be in town as well. Comment if this works or not. Also for you singles out there, bring a date, remember that was the second for Chels and I and look at us now, probably the couple of the year.