Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 4th of July! - 2011

We had a great 4th of July! We started at the Highlands Ranch Parade. We meant to be on-time so that Weston could ride his bike in the Bike/Pet parade, but we weren't very good parents this year. We still let him ride around before the big parade started. He was a little slow to grab the candy getting thrown, but luckily the kids around us started to notice and either shared or helped him:)

We already for Uncle Tony to come back and visit again!

I love this picture- An unsuccessful trip to grab candy (But seriously, look at his competition)

Success! A little boxing out help from Daddy!

Then we headed over to the town center for the festivities and breakfast!

Weston did both of these a couple of times. The T-ball took him a few shots to get the hang of it, but on his second turn he hit almost all of them (even if a few were on the back swing;)

That evening we went up to Arvada to celebrate with family. We went to the park for fireworks and spread out a wagon worth of treats and played some crochet and football until it got dark (pictures to come...I forgot my camera) Weston was in heaven with the wagon full of candy. I think he ate more candy that night than in the rest of his life put together. He loved pulling it around and taking whatever he pleased from it!

After the firework show we went back and did a few of our own:

Giant Sparklers! Weston was a little too comfortable with these. As I was trying to get his picture he decided to start chasing me with the sparkler.

SNAPS! - Stepping on them seemed to work best:)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy late Anniversary to us!!

We had casually been talking about all the fun things we could do for our 5th anniversary throughout the year, but instead we moved and closed on our house two days before our anniversary which I guess is a pretty good present:) We didn't really celebrate, but we happened to have a BBQ that night with Tony and Taylor and James which was a lot of fun!

It's been a great and crazy 5 years. We've lived in 4 different houses in 4 different states, made a lot of friends and had plenty of adventures along the way!

My cousin got married a couple days before us and she posted some old pictures on her blog that I LOVED looking through so I thought I'd do the same since that past 5 years is pretty well documented on our blog already:)

This picture is just to show that we really haven't changed much. The day of our wedding Eric left his car keys in the locker at the temple and we were running late to our reception so we had to call someone to go get his keys and car while we hitched a ride with the videographer:) Still sounds like something we'd do today!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Two days after closing on our house we had our first visitor, Uncle Tony! Weston and I hadn't seen him since before he left on his mission. Although our house probably wasn't the most comfortable place to be staying we had a lot of fun hanging out. We checked out the pools at the rec center and Eric and Tony got in a little basketball and batting cages as well:) We hiked around up at Red Rocks, and had lots of 4th of July fun.

These are a few of the pictures from Red Rocks (notice Weston's cute Utah Jazz hat Tony brought him...he LOVES it).

Thanks for coming to visit Tony! We loved it!


We made it to Colorado with Eric driving a 26ft Uhaul pulling our Pathfinder and me following him in our other car. The drive actually wasn't bad at all. We took our time, enjoyed calm dinners out, and saw some of the church history sites in Missouri on our way.

Saying Goodbye

The night before we left, my sister and her husband flew out and flew with Weston back to Colorado so that he wouldn't have to do the drive. THANK GOODNESS!!! The drive was a breeze on our own:) I had to document him leaving on a plane without me or Eric for the first time. He looks nervous in the second picture, but he wasn't at all. Just excited to get through security, find James, and get on the plane! Luckily he did pretty well for them!

It was a sad day to say goodbye to our home and friends in Indiana. I didn't take many pictures, but I had a couple from one last play date (Weston and I are both missing our friends and I get pretty frequent requests from Weston for his Indiana friends).