Monday, October 11, 2010

Weston, Weston, Weston

I had to post some of the funny things Weston has been doing and saying lately for record sake. He's developing such a personality and is so much fun (depending on what time of day you ask:)

He's putting a lot of words together now. Sunday I actually had a 10 minute conversation with him about something that happened at the park the day before. He had been talking all about the tunnel at the park and riding the other kids bikes so we decided to take him back to the park with his own bike on Saturday and ran into a couple friends there. From what I remember of the day, I think Weston was mixing a few stories, but it was still pretty cute. "Ellie hurt park" Then I'd repeat him, "Ellie got hurt at the park?" He'd reply, "Weston hurt...hand" I'd say, "you hurt your hand?" We went back and forth like this for 10 or 15 minutes with me trying to guess what he was saying and then he'd move on to tell me something else when I'd finally repeated the right thing. I'm still not exactly sure who got hurt (and I was there?) but someone got hurt, someone held a hand, Gracie had a ball, it went into the street, her mom said "no street", and something about "time out"

His imagination is really starting to grow too. He's been practicing a lot of his daddy skills lately. It's usually Woody or the Mouse. It started a week or two ago when he came running out of his room with a blanket and laid it on Woody telling him "sleep tight" Then he ran back to his room and grabbed a diaper, laid it out flat, tried to put Woody in it. I didn't seem to work very well so he got out five our six more until we stopped him. He's started doing this everyday. It's moved mostly to Mouse. He gives Mouse drinks of his sippy cup, tries to put his binki in his mouth, pretty much everything. Today was probably the best. I don't know what I was thinking. He comes out with an armful of hand towels and I say "What are you doing? Giving Mouse a bath?" Then he just kind of looks at me. A couple seconds later he takes off down the hall and I hear the water turn on. I guess he decided that was a great idea! We had to talk about Mouse having "pretend baths without water" I don't think he got it...we'll see:) Later in the day he tried to teach Woody to golf using one of Eric golf clubs and his 7 inch tall Woody doll!

Weston is also currently potty training himself. We're not really ready for that stage and I don't think he totally is, but every other day lately he ends up using the potty. Maybe if we cross our fingers and we're really lucky he actually will potty train himself!! This may be too much information, but I thought his phasing was too funny. I ask him, "Are you all done?" He'd say, "No, more coming down."

Other funny things he's said lately-

"I'm not" He uses this way too often. For example, I say, "Weston, Do you want to get dressed?" Weston, "No, I not" or we're on a walk and I ask "Should we turn around and go home?" Weston, "No, I not"

The other night Eric was getting Weston ready for bed and Weston was talking all about his friends. Eric asks him, "Do you like Will or Daddy better?" Weston, without hesitation, "Will" So Eric switches up the question (sometime this works to get him to switch his answer) "Do you like Daddy or Will better?" again..."Will" Eric, trying to make himself feel better asks, "Do you like mommy or Will better?" Weston says, "Mommy" It made my day :)

Last story, Eric brought home some gummy worms tonight and gave Weston a couple after dinner. (I'm pretty sure his first experience with them) A little later in the evening, I was feeling like a treat and asked Weston, if we should have ice cream, chocolate, or a gummy worm. He replies "Yummy Worm! Yummy Worm!" He learns words really quick if they go with the right object :)

Weston still won't use the petals, but he loves to go down hills and just lift his feet up! can be a little freaky sometimes...

But he usually makes it...

He loves this little "tunnel!"

The "Yummy Worm!" He shoved 2 in his mouth after dinner and they were gone in a second so we told him to eat this one slowly...he decided to just lick it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Working in Utah

Weston and I headed to Utah last week for a banking conference. I spent a lot of time at the conference, golfing, and lunches. Weston got to hang out with Great Grandma Beverly! Thanks Grandma :)

Weston LOVES the airport and airplanes. We were lucky on the way out and the seat next to us stayed open so he was able to have his own seat. He checked out all the magazines in the seat pocket, loved watching out the window, and eventually fell asleep sitting up. He's so dang sweet!

My dad was in Utah on business the week before and decided to stay the weekend so he could hang out with us!! We had a lot of fun going to the driving range (I was getting some tips from the expert for my tournament) and checking out downtown Ogden. I think Weston and Grandpa could have kept looking for more horses all night if Great Grandma and I weren't dragging them down. (I liked the licorice mane on the candy horse:)

We stopped for Smoothies after checking out the horses. Weston loved his "treat drink" but one at a time just wasn't enough. This kid cracks me up!

We met up for lunch at a park with a bunch of friends and it went by so quickly I didn't get a picture with everyone, but Joslin and Eden stayed to hang out for a little while!! Eden is probably the happiest little girl I've ever met. What a sweetheart! And Weston decided Joslin was a much better play date at the park than Mommy. He's still mentioning her every time we see the swings.

I had to get a picture of Weston and Grandma B picking Hazelnuts...

Saying Goodbye...