Saturday, October 20, 2012

"I didn't know he could fly!"

Tonight as I was putting Weston to bed I was telling him that he wouldn't have primary tomorrow because it's stake conference and it would be a broadcast where we go to church, but we watch it on TV.   We had the following conversation:

Weston:     I've done that before. Is the prophet going to talk the whole time?
Me:            It will probably be someone else.
Weston:     Like Pres. Eyring?
Me:            I don't think so, but maybe.
Weston:     What does Pres. Eyring do when he's not on TV?
Me:            He flies all around the world to help Pres. Monson take care of and teach all the people.

Weston's eye lit up...


 I was dying of laughter, and had to break the news that he flies by airplane and not like a super hero:) We both decided that it would be super cool if he could fly like a bird!

 I followed up with some other things the Pres. Eyring might do when he's not on TV and I told him he has a his own house, and a family like us that he spends time with.

Weston responded: Do you think he has a two-wheel scooter?!
 (He just got a new Razor scooter today that he's been working on earning via sticker chart for a while, and is very excited about it.)

I love this kid. He constantly cracks me up!