Sunday, November 25, 2012

Livi's Blessing

We blessed Livi Labor Day weekend, and we were so lucky to have so much family here to be a part of it.  Eric's family all decided to come over for the blessing.  We were only missing Jessie and the kids since Jessie's sister's baby was being blessed the same day.  Everyone stayed at out house, and it was surprisingly not too crazy and a lot of fun.  I'm so glad everyone was okay with their blow-up mattress/camping pad sleeping arrangements and we were able to fit 16 people in our house so that we could all hang out rather than everyone having to go back to hotels:)  Big thanks also to Krista for making Livi's beautiful dress!

Grandma hard at work finishing Livi's gorgeous dress.

Livi at the Rockies Game...She slept with her eyes half open through the entire game.

Rockies Game!

Daddy's Girl

I had to get a picture of everyone so that Livi will be able to look back and see how loved she is with so many people there for her big day!

The Nielson Crew- Everyone of Eric's siblings were able to make it so I had to get a picture!

The proud Dad

...and Mom

Jaydin was my sweet helper all weekend:)

Grandma and the girl with her beautiful dress!

I bought these booties on a study abroad 9 years ago and it was so fun to put them on my little girl.

Love that smile!

Some close-ups of the dress.  I was so grateful that Krista offered to make Livi's dress.  It was beautiful and grandma having made it, made it so much more special!

I just loved this picture of Weston chatting with his grandmas:)

Loved this one too...She can be quite entertaining!

Eric, the host, making milk shakes!

Andersen Family Reunion

Slip 'n Slide...Weston needed a little help!
The entire group and Weston caught in the act.  He is throwing grass on Connor, driving him crazy, and thinks he's hilarious:)
The hot tub- basically luke warm, green water at this point and the kids couldn't get enough of it!
Movie Night!- Weston did an 8 mile hike earlier this day, slept about 20 minutes on the drive home, went straight into the hot tub until I pulled him out to eat.  I thought he'd pass out as soon as the movie started, but he watched the entire show until 11pm.  He didn't want to miss a thing and keeps asking to go back to the family reunion.
Pirate Mustaches!
Isn't the Black Canyon gorgeous?!?
Love these guys!!