Sunday, January 18, 2015

Summer fun or Child Labor?


We decided we wanted to do a little family trip before summer ended so we went up to Breckenridge for the weekend and had a blast!

Jordy at 6 weeks

Traveling with little ones is a bit tricky, but worth it.  I'm pretty sure the kids favorite part of our trip was the bunk beds they got to sleep on!  Weston is getting to a fun age where he can do so much.  We had to take turns doing things, but Weston got to do everything:  mountain bike, swim, fish, hike, alpine slide and the like.  He was in heaven and I don't think Livi realized what she was missing when she couldn't go so everyone was happy! 


Eric decided that we needed a fire pit so one day he and Weston went out, bought some supplies and built it in the rain!  We had a summer full of fun with S'mores:)


I wouldn't touch an avocado as kid, but my kids are all obsessed!

Summer Tee Ball

Visit from Grandma Krista and 4th of July!

Grandma Krista came to meet Jordy and hang out over the 4th of July!  The kids love playing with Grandma because she had much more energy than mom...

 Forth of July Bike Parade!
 I love how easy it is to please kids.  They were super into our little early evening firework display!

 We took grandma to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and got to feed the Giraffes and saw a peacock spread it's feathers...(Too bad I couldn't hint enough for that guy to get out of our picture:)

New Born Shots

I didn't schedule a session to get new born shots of Jordy, so although I'm nowhere near a photographer, I thought I should try and get a couple shots of him while he was still only a couple weeks old.  Weston just couldn't stand it and had to be in the shots too:)