Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moving on!

This last year in Arizona has gone by so quickly and Eric is now 3 weeks away from graduation. He had been talking to Cook Medical about staying here in Arizona doing sales, but they recently had an opening in their marketing department that he's pretty excited about so even though it means moving to Bloomington, Indiana he decided to go with the marketing option. The company is reorganizing their marketing department into three divisions (Asia, Europe, and the Americas) Eric will be over the Americas and is hoping he'll get to use some of his Portuguese as the company grows in Brazil. We're so excited to know where we're going and have it finalized and I'm so excited Eric was able to find a company and position that he's really excited about!


We finally made it to a Diamondbacks game and just a few weeks before we have to say good-bye to Arizona. We had a lot of fun, but unfortunately the guys lost. We also tried out the zoom on our camera to get a couple shots of the players!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


What a fun surprise. Eric's cousin, Kami, and her family were in town visiting Bill and Sherry and they invited us over for dinner. We were excited just to meet up with them for dinner and swimming, but they found out we were having a boy a few days ago so they made it into quite the celebration. Telise, Kennedy, and Jace made us a congratulations banner. They bought us all sorts of cute boy clothes (Our child is going to be much better dressed than we are) and to top it off they even got a congratulations baseball cake. We were pretty spoiled!

8 year olds really bring out the kid in Eric, we practically had to pull he and Jace out of the pool to eat ice cream.

It's been so great living close to Bill and Sherry and knowing we have a little bit of family close by. Thank you guys for the great surprise party!


Well... I'm a little late posting this, but in Phoenix we have two types of weather... HOT and Monsoon. The other night I went walking with Jenn and Erika and we got caught in the Monsoon. Luckily Eric was on campus and he came to our rescue!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pure steel and sex appeal

Happy 4th of July!! What better way to spend it than at a demolition derby in Yuma, AZ. Of course I was pulling for our patriotic friend. He did not win the grand prize; however he did win "Best Design." I'm pretty sure the award was titled something else as "Best Design" really doesn't sound right for an event where the cars just drive around trying to kill each other, but you get the idea. Our grand prize winner though was this handsome gentleman exiting the black car!

Eric and I had a lot of fun relaxing in Yuma with my grandparents... Eric did some golfing and I did some baking and babysitting with my grandma. Unfortunately we aren't the best at remembering to take pictures when we're just hanging out so I'll have to repost a picture of my beautiful grandma and I from a couple months ago.

2 years in paradise

So against the bets of our family and friends, we made it to our two year anniversary this past week. It has been a good two years and we really like each other, this whole marriage thing may have a future. We decided to spend the weekend in Scottsdale and had a great time. We named our own price on Priceline and ended up with a great deal on an awesome resort. Here are the pictures that prove it.

I had to comment on this picture, doesn't Chels look beautiful? I am lucky she is not shallow or else I wouldn't stand a chance.