Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Our weekend started out with a little reading...

The Foot Book is Weston's favorite book. We probably read it 40 times this weekend. When I found that he had crawled into his toy chest to read it I could help but get a picture!

A little TV...while I was getting ready, I turned on Santa Buddies for Weston. He still loves it! His attention span only lasts a couple minutes, but every minute he takes a break from tearing apart the house counts!

A little piano practice...

And this smile was just too cute to not include!

A quick tantrum...

No weekend would be complete without one these days!

And....Our first FORT!

Completely exhausted after destroying the fort...

Weston's favorite part may have been playing on the couch without any cushions on it.

A little wrestling...

Checking out the football highlights...

And that sums it up!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Vacation!

We had a GREAT 2 week vacation in UTAH, but somehow we still managed to be constantly on the go!

We decided to have our own little Christmas a few days before we left. Weston loved the orange in the bottom of his stocking! And why wouldn't mixes his two favorite things: Balls and Food! They've become a favorite around here the last couple months, infact we found an orange in our shower a couple days ago!

Our first night in Utah we headed off to the annual nogger party with Eric's highschool friends. It technically is an "ugly sweater party" but some people must not have got the memo and everyone else ended up getting hot before the picture and taking their sweaters off. (I'll have to remember to wear normal clothes underneath next time!) Weston was done by this point after getting up at 3am to make our flight, but he still had a blast...

Night two was a big family party at Grandma Beverly's house! We had more food than we new what to do with as usual and Weston loved being the center of attention.

Christmas Eve Jay and Jessie had us over for a GREAT dinner and then we all went with the fam to see the lights at Temple Square. (And yes Weston is wearing pink gloves again...he had to borrow from Hannah. Sorry buddy!)

Christmas Day was nice and relaxing! We opened presents and had a great dinner with Eric's family. Then later in the evening we managed to pull the boys away from the sports playstation games that they "never have anyone to play with" to play a real game with the rest of us! Weston's favorite game was bouncing on the exercise ball with Grandpa Stan.

Hanging out with Great Grandpa Ragsdale...

Weston even loved helping Grandma clean up Christmas...

We decided to stay a couple nights with Jay and Jessie so Hannah and West could play together. They actually did pretty good. Luckily Hannah was okay with West stealing every toy she picked up. His favorite was the stroller though...

We had a Thunderbird reunion with a bunch of our friends that were visiting family too. Although we were in AZ only a little over a year ago, it took me back a little. We decided to not bring the kids so that we could all catch up a little easier. We rarely leave Weston so since we didn't have him with us and since we didn't have Weston when we lived in AZ and hung out with all of these friends all the time it was kind of like we traveled back in time. We had a blast...I'm so glad everyone made the trip!

The next night we went out with a couple of my friends. Weston was a little crazy. I think he was trying to scare Ashley and George about what lies ahead for them!

I got to meet my cousins new beautiful little girl Kayla. Her puppy is a little bigger than Danger and Weston LOVED him! He and Champ played the entire time we were there...

We missed out on the Nielson family annual Aebleskiver party, but that just meant we got more one on one time with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Reed. Weston loved the little chair Grandma Betty got out for him and carried it with him all over the house. And he just couldn't help cuddling up to Grandpa Reed for some breakfast treats!

Eric's sister Paige had a baby boy a few months ago and we were lucky enough that they waited to bless him while we were in town. Afterward we went to Paige and Davids for lunch and Weston and Eric made their way up to Cody's room where they found a pretty cool slide coming off his bed. I walked in to find this...

(I'll be posting video later...this kid amazes me!)

Finally, we were lucky enough to get a 4 hour layover in Denver on our way home so my Mom and Dad and Taylor met up with us and took us to dinner. Not exactly Christmas, but we felt pretty lucky to get to see them for a few minutes!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally Home!

We had a great Christmas and we feel so lucky to have been able to take such a long trip, but we're glad to be home. West was such a good sport. We took a million pictures so stay tuned for an overload of pictures to come.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


We already had quite a bit of snow this morning so I decided I'd help shovel before it got too bad. My original thought was Weston would watch from his stroller then play a little at the end, but any one who knows Weston knows I was crazy to think that...anyway that's why he had his binki. So I thought well, I'll just let him play and if I only get part of the driveway done that's okay. Turns out this kid doesn't feel cold...He just kept going and going. He does have some blue gloves, but completely soaked through them and still wanted to play. Danger even got cold before he did. When I went to take Danger inside I turned around and Weston had picked up the shovel to help. I love this little guy! He cracks me up everyday. I eventually had to drag him inside against his will.

Oh...and to answer my mom's other concern...yes the hat covers his ears, but after him trying to take it off and falling in the snow 30 or 40 times it didn't stay in place too well!