Sunday, June 24, 2012

Livia June Nielson

Our beautiful little girl is here!! She was born June 10th at 7:14am. She weighed in at 6Lbs 7oz (the same as me:) and 18.5 inches. She's so sweet and tiny!! The story: When I was 38 weeks pregnant, Eric went out of town so I did my best to NOT go into labor. Before he left, the doctor told me I was dilated to a 1 with a soft cervix and when I asked him if Eric should stay home he said, "I cant make any promises, it really could go either way." We had the same situation with Weston so we felt okay about it and Eric left. The day he got back I had another appointment and I was now at a 3 and according to the doctor ready to go anytime. I had wanted to go into labor naturally, but was worried I would go late like I did with Weston. Eric had another work trip scheduled for a week after my due date so I was becoming more keen on the idea of being induced early since my doctor was fine with it, and then Eric could spend more time with the baby. I went ahead and scheduled the induction for Wednesday the 13th! We went full steam ahead at home getting ready for her and hoping I would go into labor naturally before then. On Saturday, Taylor came down to help me get a few things done in the baby's room and suggested I try Caster Oil. She convinced me with the success Joslin and my mom had with it. I was a little worried about the horror stories I read on-line about it, but it seemed safe, it was just the possibility of being pretty uncomfortable with no results. At about 2:30 Saturday I decided to give it a shot and took a little less than 2 Tbls. Taylor stayed the evening and watched Weston for us so the Eric and I could go out to dinner and a movie. Throughout the movie I was having contractions, but nothing regular. Once we got home, I kept having them and they were a little more painful, but not regular. I thought everything would be fine so I told Taylor to go ahead and go home. Eric and I stayed up until 1:30am trying to decide if something was going to happen and then they slowed down quite a bit so we decided to go to bed. At 4:15 I woke up needing to go to the bathroom (not uncommon being pregnant), but the strange part was that once I stood up I kept losing liquid (sorry, maybe TMI, but I don't think too many people still read this and it's part of the story). I yelled out to Eric that I was pretty sure my water just broke and he jumped up into gear. Unfortunately, the idea of my water breaking in our bathroom made him a little queasy and he had to lay down for a second:) Luckily he made it through it! I started having strong and quick contractions almost instantly. I called my friend Brooke who came over to sit with Weston and then called my mom and Taylor to come down. We took off to the hospital and checked into the ER about 5:15am. It seemed like forever before they decided I was really in labor and could stay. At that point I was dilated to a 5 and I'm guessing it was around 6:30am. Shortly after I was settled in the labor and delivery room the anesthesiologist came in and started the epidural. Once he had it in, he asked if the contractions were pretty strong. I said yes, so he injected some quick acting meds that would last until the epidural kicked in. After I was all set, the nurse checked me again and I was still at a 5 so they told me to take a rest and they'd call the doctor when it got closer. I told my mom and Taylor, who were now at our house with Weston, the same thing. Just minutes later the baby's heart rate dropped and the nurser kept having me move from side to side trying to get it back up. We weren't having much luck and the nurse was making Eric and I really nervous as it looked like we'd have to rush in for a C-section if we couldn't get her back up quick. The nurse then checked me again and I was already at a 9 and the baby's head was right there. She told me to try not to push and just breath through it. They called my doctor and I think were trying to wait for him, but decided that wasn't going to happen so another doctor that was on the floor came in and suited up. As soon as she was ready, my mom walked in the door, and they told me to go ahead and push. After 1 and a half pushes she was here, and then my doctor walked in:) He finished things up and sewed me up while I was able to hold Livi. Thank goodness for the quick acting meds! Going home from the hospital- Weston stayed with my mom and dad the first night we were at the hospital and when they brought him back, he came with flowers for Livi. While he was at grandma's he found a magic bean that he planted. He kept going to check and see if it was growing so while he was playing with my dad, my mom planted these in the same place. She said he was ecstatic when he went to go check on his bean and told her that he was going to take them to his baby sister:) I wanted Livi to have something special to come home in. Weston had a cute little sweater outfit from my Grandma Beverly that he wore so when I was packing our bag I brought this cute outfit that my mom had bought her and headband from my Grandma Beverly...then of course we gave her a flower from Weston:) I feel like one lucky mom to have these two sweet kids!

Baby Shower!

Two great friends, Heidi and Veronica, threw me a beautiful pink library baby shower. It was absolutely darling and so much fun! They truly went all out and made me feel so special:) The invites: The pretty and pink decor: The Menu: The Favors: Great family and friends! I can't believe I didn't get a picture with Heidi. She was taking all the pictures and did all the work and somehow I didn't make sure we got a picture together.

Uncle Nic

Eric was out of town while I was 38 weeks pregnant so Uncle Nic came down to hang out with us on his day off. Weston had so much fun he cried everytime we left somewhere. We started at the skate park, had lunch, came home for a nap, went swimming, and hit one round at the batting cages on Nic's way home. I was completely out of energy so Weston was in heaven having Nic around to play with. Thanks Nic!

Jump Street

In an effort to get out of the house and have some fun before the baby came we decided to try out Jump Street. I have no idea why I wasn't there all winter with Weston. He loved it!! (And so did Eric:)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

The week before Easter, Weston and I, went to Utah to hang out with family and go to my cousin Hayden's wedding. Somehow, I don't have a single picture??? We spent conference weekend and a few days out in Sandy with Grandma and Grandpa Nielson and a few days in Bountiful with Grandma Beverly. We had a great time with family and I was able to go to Hayden's wedding ceremony which was beautiful, but Weston came down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease while we were there so we missed out on the reception. I felt so bad for the little guy. We drove home on Easter Sunday, and after we made it home and Weston was feeling better I still wanted to celebrate Easter. My family came down the week after Easter and we had fun dying eggs, playing games, and eating the usual ham and potatoes dinner: The eggs: While we were in Utah, we were driving out to Stan and Krista's and Weston said to me, "Mom, you need to get me and Dad to like the Cougars." This was completely unsolicited and for months he'd been regularly asking me if I like the Cougars and then yelling "THE COUGARS ARE YUCKY." I think it may have had something to do with the fact that Uncle Tony likes the Cougars. I asked him how I should do that and he told me to just have them think about it. A few seconds later he decided he liked the Cougars and just in time to go hang out with Uncle Tony. When we got home, Eric was trying to undo all of this Cougar Loving work so after I made a BYU egg to give him a bad time, he took Weston outside and they smashed it. Of course Weston loved that, but we've since agreed that it is actually okay to like the Utes and the Cougars so that Weston doesn't have to be so conflicted:)


Weston did a couple months of swim lessons and it is amazing how much more comfortable he is in the water. He can only swim a few feet at a time, but he just ducks his head under and goes for it. I love watching him. He can stay occupied with a couple diving sticks for an hour! Grandma and Grandpa came to see his last lesson and Grandpa was a good sport and jumped in to play with him for a while after the lesson: