Friday, August 26, 2011

Park City!

We spent a couple days in Park City with my parents and had a lot of fun! The best part was that we just got to relax and have fun and everyone came to us to visit:)

Cousinly Love! Weston hadn't seen Jax since he was a baby. I guess he's only 9 months now, but he's almost walking. By the next time we see them the 2 year age difference will be nothing!

I had to throw this one in there because I can't get enough of this little guy.

I think we went swimming at least once and maybe twice everyday we were there. There could never be too much swimming for Weston, and it looks like Jax is the same way. He was hilarious. He was crawling for the water before we could even set our stuff down, if I sat him on the edge he dove right in and he didn't stop the "swimming" motion the entire time I was holding him in the pool.

The lift up to the Alpine Slide! Weston was pretty nervous the entire ride, but had no hesitation one we got on the slide:)

I kept trying to show Weston how to go fast and especially how to slow down on the slide. He just wanted to floor it the whole way down.

My mom and grandma coming down the slide. They were a bit slower than Weston...that poor guy behind my mom! (In her defense, he shouldn't have been on the slow track.)

The airplanes may have been Weston's favorite! We came back up to do this and mini golf with our friends Carson and Erika, but we were rained out after one hole. It was still fun to chat though!

Weston and Kayla enjoying a dip in the hot tub. Aren't they cute little curly haired cousins! Weston loved this hot tub on the deck so much that he ate breakfast there a couple of the days:)

*I've been playing catch up so there are a few posts below!

Family Reunion

The week we went to Park City also happened to be the same time as the Larsen family party so Eric and I headed up with Tim and Lindsey! We had a lot of fun getting to see my grandpa and his new fiancee (I can't believe I didn't take a picture), and a lot more family that I haven't seen in YEARS!

Weston was in heaven with the never ending Pace's popsicles and lots of room to play!

Isn't is gorgeous up there!! I can't remember the name of the city, but it was close to Morgan, UT.

Who knows what this kid is up to? He was going nonstop the entire time we were there. I think he'd love a little more country life style:)

Two popsicles is definitely better than one!! I think Kayla was pretty happy with her situation at this point in the evening:)

I love this kid!

Yes, he's eating a cucumber like a popsicle. (Weston loves to "snatch" food from me while I'm getting dinner ready- I would normally at least cut it up for him:)

I love that Weston likes healthy food. He cracks me up! Today he was pretending that grape tomatoes were Starbusts. He put them in the candy dish, and then kept going into the kitchen to "sneak" one while I wasn't looking.

Highlands Ranch Rodeo!

Yes, our little metropolitan suburb had it's own rodeo:) We had a good time and there was some fun stuff for the kids:

They got to ride horses:

And sit on a Bull. Weston was a little hesitant on both and for some reason he had his arm up the entire time he was on the bull. It was such a crack up. I don't think anyone told him to, he was just doing it.

The boys heading out for the "bunny scramble." They had no chance at catching one against the big kids, but they did actually try:)

We are loving getting to hang out with these guys more! Weston already asks about his new friend daily!

More Visitors!! and Rec. Centers

I feel like this was 6 months ago, but it hasn't even been two yet. Just as Tony was leaving Ashley, one of my best friends, and her little guy Max came to visit! Lucky for my Ashley's sister and new husband live close to me so I might get to see them a little more often!

We had a good time in our house full of boxes, but I didn't take very many pictures. They helped us explore our neighborhood and all of the rec. centers. Weston loved that Travis was willing to help him play basketball over and over again!

Isn't this little guy a cutie. I thought Weston loved balls, but I have never seen a kid that loves balls more than Max:)

This whale slide has become a favorite over the past few weeks!

Thanks for coming guys and we can't wait to see you again in October!