Sunday, March 30, 2008

San Antonio's Fiesta Texas - Six Flags

I'm pretty sure Eric's main purpose behind wanting to come with me on the trip was to go to Six Flags. We had a lot of fun and there were a couple pretty cool rides, but it wore us out. As Eric's first experience with a "Six Flags," I think he was a little disappointed. We've decided to stay away from theme parks for a little while so that once we have kids we still want to take them to one.

We were going to rent a car for our trip until we found out it was more expensive to park our car at the hotel than to rent we learned the bus schedules to make our way around! How cool are we!

San Antonio!

This week I had a hotel conference in San Antonio for work and Eric got to come with me! I've only done a few business trips in my time working, but it only took one to decide they weren't very glamorous so I was really excited when Eric was able to come!

This was our first time in San Antonio and the hotel that my company booked was great. We were right on the Riverwalk. The first two days we were there I was at the AAHOA conference (Asian American Hotel Owners Association). At one point I was standing in the isle talking to a circle of about 10 Indian men, needless to say, I stood out just a little.

Meanwhile, Eric was checking out the Alamo and Ripley's believe it or not wax museum. I think he got in a little homework too!

It turned out that we didn't plan very well for the conference and we really didn't need to be there on Saturday so we packed up on Friday and Eric and I just got to hang out. Friday night we went to the Spurs game which was a lot of fun. I personally think their success is due to the fact that they keep playing music almost the whole time they are playing. I thought it was awesome. The AT&T center however, is located in middle of nowhere. If you are looking to open a restaurant this would be a GREAT place. We were starving and we asked one of the parking attendants if there were any restaurants around and he said, "no, but there are some inside" I don't know about anybody else, but $9 for nachos isn't exactly my idea of a restaurant.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nielson surprise

Brother Jay and Sister-in-law Jessie surprised us with a quick visit to Phoenix this weekend. They were on vacation in Florida and were offered a great deal to give up their seats to SLC and go to Phoenix for a night. So at 11pm we picked them up from the airport and hung out at their hotel for a few hours.

Nielsons camping?

I know, Nielsons and camping don't really go together, and to be honest it was kind of amateur hour at the campsite. We camped with some hard core couples who had all sorts of gear, and we slept in the back of our Pathfinder with our down comforter. We had a lot of fun and would do it again anytime. I had a Rugby game in Tucson so we decided to make a weekend out of it. We didn't take a picture of the campsite, so this one of all of us at the end of the game will have to do. This is also a nice picture of Danger and his new little girlfriend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long time coming

So if it is one thing I have learned at business school, it is that everyone these days is outsourcing to China and India. Well since it has been months since we last blogged, I am thinking I should hire one of the many Chinese or Indian students on campus to write our blog. We will try harder to keep it more up to date. So these are just some pictures of what we have been up too in the past few months. The first are some pictures from when Chelsey's family came to visit at the end of the year. The then Superbowl came to town here in Glendale. We went to a free concert with the Hanks and the Westenskows. Rugby has also started up again and it is going well. These are a nice sequence of pictures of the same run. I like the one with Danger watching me run and then get pushed out of bounds on my head just.