Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dangerous Adventures!

Danger had his first visit to the groomer yesterday. His hair was getting a little long and ratty. (It turns out that bathing a dog makes the knots in their hair worse) The grommer couldn't do much but just shave his hair off so we have some before and after pictures. We feel really guilty for making him look like this, but he doesn't seem to mind because he keeps getting sympathy treats out of it!

He's also started to take after Eric a lot since we've been down here. Any chance he gets at the remnants of a Capri Sun is heaven. He got a pretty good hold on this one and we couldn't help but take a picture... he's looking pretty happy!

Extracurricular Activities

Eric's joined the Rugby team which is threatening his life more each time he steps on the pitch. So far he's jammed his thumb twice and he's got a bruise on his knee that goes about six inches down his leg.... but you should have seen the other guy!! I went and watched a scrimmage they had on Saturday and he's pretty good. He is a lot faster than those GIANT guys on his team. He even scored a couple "tries." (that's the Rugby word for points I think) He is number 9 in this picture, doesn't he look good in short shorts!!!!

I've met some fun girls down here as well that decided to start a bunco group once a month. After we figured out the rules and got everyone together we had a lot of fun.

The First Day of School

This was Eric's first day of school. He was off with his new bike, backpack, and sack lunch! This was the beginning of a lot of fun times with Eric and his bike which sadly ended last night when his bike was stolen. He was pretty sad, but five popsicles and an oatmeal cream pie lifted his spirts a little.

School has been good for Eric. Most of his time lately has been spent on resumes and career search since he has yet to receive any of the books he ordered two weeks ago.

Chelsey has started to work with the Bank of Las Vegas and is loving it to pieces! It is a causal environment and she has her own office! She really has made it, it makes me want to drop out of school and be that stay in bed dad that I have always aspired to be.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Viva Arizona

Hello to all from beautiful Arizona! I have been down here for about 10 days now, and Chels finally got here 2 days ago. FYI driving a 16ft Uhaul while towing an SUV all alone while going 20mph over the hills of Nevada with nothing but desert to look at is awesome, you all should try it, but don't forget to bring your 11wk old puppy! These pictures are of my thunder-spouse in front of the thunder-welcome sign that says welcome in a total of 16 different languages holding our thunder-puppy. Then it is me in front of the thunder-sign again with our thunder-puppy danger. And then a family shot on the thunder-field. Look how our thunder-puppy has grown! (they refer to everything with a thunder in front of it so we are trying to get the hang of it. There is also a shot of the temp. according to our car at 6pm, it has averaged around 115 during the day.

Viva Mexico

When most people go to Mexico they take pictures of the beach, but not Chels and I. We are such nerds that the only pictures we took of the whole trip were of Chichen Itza the Mayan ruins just outside of Cancun. FYI- if you want to buy crap in Mexico buy it here, it was much cheaper than in Cancun. Here is my dad with all the ladies, Chels looking hot, and me and Chels looking hot together.

Oh Georgia

This is us keeping it real in Georgia with Chelsey's extended family. It was this night that we came up with the theory that mormons don't need alcohol to be crazy, they just need to play games for a few hours in a row. These pictures are us at the end of the night doing squating competitions, and Eric doing what he does best, indian leg wrestling.


Here is the newest addition to our growing family. Many of you have not seen our puppy so here he is at 6 weeks, the day we got him. In the six weeks we have now had him we have wanted to give him away about 15 times, but we just can't get over how cute he is, so he is here to stay. Later on we will post more current pictures to show how much our little puppy named Danger has grown. These are some pictures with his aunt Taylor.


This one goes out to all of the elementary school teachers that told us that no Nielson would ever graduate from high school, let alone college. We may have cheated and lied our way through, but what an accomplishment!