Saturday, April 17, 2010


We had some friends over to run through the sprinklers the other day. It was pretty funny. Weston had just woke up so he just stood in the sprinkler letting it go back and forth over him. He would just stand there and then do a little shiver every few seconds. None of the girls were shivering and he sure didn't want to get out of the water so I figured he was okay. Then I brought out popsicles and he walks over to me shivering with his hands out. He finished eating, while in the sprinkler, and shaking the entire time. He finally started running around more towards the end, but he sure was happy to wrap up in his towel!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Achievement Days!

I love getting to be involved with Achievement Days in our ward. These girls are so sweet and so much fun! Marin, a friend that does Achievement Days with me, is pregnant and the girls wanted to throw her a shower. The girls were pretty excited and all took different parts (games, decorations, invitations, food). We had a great time and we'll sure miss Marin!

I had to play a little catch up so I went on a posting spree tonight...

My little helper!

Yes...he decided that dunking his head in was a good idea.

When I turned around to this, I decided it was time to call it a day:

Misc...Cute Pics

For a few days, Weston wouldn't sleep without his football. I think he mostly loved waking up and getting to throw it out of his crib.

I love this squat and scream with excitement as he chases Danger:

"I can do more damage with two hats!"

"More blueberries please!" Definitely a favorite these days. He eats them frozen, in oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, basically in any form we will give them to him. He pulls at the freezer several times a day yelling "blu...blubee"

Easter Weekend!


What can I say...Pink's becoming his color.

How could I blame him...If we make the eggs look like balls of course he's going to throw them!

This is the only picture I got of him searching for camera died right after this. (We have a bunch of video and he was pretty cute. He had to open each egg and eat the jelly bean out of it before running for the next one. I guess he's candy deprived)

Weston LOVES helping with yard work

After we finished our eggs we took Danger out for a walk....this is Weston's daily routine:

Run down the street screaming...

Stop and check all the mailboxes for mail...

Run up the hill...

...and down the hill (he does this over and over)

Danger takes a break while Weston gets his excercise.

To get him to head home, I have to convince him he can check the mail again...

Then run up and down the hill next to our neighbors house...

Take a break on the chairs...

Scale the porch railing...

...And finally, I carry him in the house in tears because he's not ready to come in yet.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disneyworld! and 1st Hair Cut!

We got to go to DisneyWorld a couple weeks ago with my family. It was sort of a 30th anniversary celebration for my parents. We had a blast (especially on the rain lines!)

Dumbo! He loved it.

The fam and our tired little buddy.

When Weston gets a little older we'll all have to thank him for helping us out. We worked the fastpass/stoller pass system pretty well!

Exhausted again...the poor guy did pretty well, but these long days took it out of him.

Animal Kingdom was one of his favorites...

Apples...They were a lifesaver! They take him about 45 minutes to eat, but he doesn't waste an piece.

Anytime he had freedom was his FAVORITE time. (even if it just meant going up and down on the curb while waiting for everyone on the ride...the kid loves his stair(s).)

As you can tell from above, West was in need of a little trim. We were worried the curls wouldn't come back so we didn't go too short, but we still trimmed 1 1/2 inches...

It didn't start out too well..

...but nothing a binki couldn't cure.

Handsome as ever-