Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Switzerland and Italy

We have taken a lesson from team Thomas and decided that less words and more pictures are better. Eric was in Switzerland for school and then Chelsey flew out to Switzerland for a few days before it was off to Italy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I know it has only been three months since our last post, but we will post anyways. So I have extra time on my internet left so I thought I would maximize my time and post a few pictures of my time in Switzerland to this point. This is mainly so Chels can keep a tab on me, but the rest of you are welcome to be jealous as well. The pictures are me and a few friends at a Swiss alumni dinner, dinner at my professors mom's house (the dinner was in a cottage in the backyard of her house), a bustling down town Zurich, and a cool pic of a river that goes through Zurich. The last picture is very special to me. For you office fans this guy has to be Todd Packer. He looks just like him, but he also was as crude and loud as the Pack-man. Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy. He is some rich alumni that works for coke, he paid for the dinner so he may be the greatest guy ever.