Monday, May 24, 2010


Thanks to my great job, we were able to do a Brazil trip on the cheap a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to swoon Chels with my Portuguese skills for years now (sadly it didn't work) and because I had to spend time in Brazil for work, she was able to fly down and meet my for week 2 of my trip.

The weather was pretty hit or miss (sadly it was hit often while I was away working) but we still were able to get some good beach time in. The day we dedicated to sightseeing was probably the worst- heavy fog that ruined the views, which later turned into rain. However, it also meant that we had the sights all to ourselves- in fact, we were the only tourists at the Christ Redeemer statue, which was very cool. (even though it is currently being restored)

We left West with Grandma and Grandpa Sumner for a week, which was surprisingly easier than expected for both parties. Chelsey didn't cry- not even once.

Overall, we had a great time, and Chelsey is way better looking than the guys I normally travel with.

The Urca

Hotel Rooftop


Christ Reedemer

Scriptures and Church Clothes

Thought we would throw in a few photos of our little guy gettin all spiritual on us. He is big time into scripture study (nerd) and has just started going to nursery, as evidenced by this handsome new outfit that mom made us take pictures of and blog. The new challenge is leaving church without making too much of a scene as he could stay and play all day.