Sunday, August 24, 2008


Eric graduated this weekend with his MBA. I'm so proud of him. We just got here a year ago, but Eric went straight through and a lot of late nights and hard work later here we are! He's been able to do so much in the little amount of time we've been here. As many of you know Eric studied in Switzerland during the break between his first and second trimester and then did a second summerim here in Phoenix between his second and third trimester. He's been able to work closely with several "real" companies on school projects including a small restoration company in Denver, Biosense Webster, and Target. He truly has worked hard over the past twelve months and this weekend he keeps thinking he needs to be doing something...I don't think it's quite set in that he's done!

Eric's dad and stepmom and my parents came down to celebrate with us. We had a lot of fun meeting Eric's classmate's families and saying goodbye.

An added bonus for me was to get to have our families intown for my birthday. I was spoiled. We had dinner with Eric's parents and once mine got here my mom made breakfast, they took us to lunch, and I got to go shopping with my mom and Krista. Once we said goodbye to our parents, Eric and I topped off the night with ColdStone (thanks Erica!) and falling dead asleep for the next ten hours.

Baby Shower/Going Away Party

I wanted to make this post a little earlier, but Eric has been monopolizing the computer until 3 or 4 in the morning lately....luckily he's finally DONE!!! Eric and I have made some GREAT friends since we moved down here a year ago and we're really going to miss them when we move this week to Indiana. This past week they threw us a Baby Shower/Going away party. We had so much fun and all the guys got to experience their first baby shower. They definitely put their own twist on it when at some point in the evening we ended up watching some Thunderbird Rugby highlights. We had a great time! Thanks for the party guys!

This is the gang... Ty and Erika are moving to Mesa this week, Jenn, Dawson, and Evie are hanging in here one more year, Eric and I are heading out to Indiana, and Ryan, Abby, and Riley have already left to Slovenia!

Here are the girls and the boys at the party!

Erika and I decided to take a picture of our growing bellies. This is about 6 months for both of us. Erika is due 3 days before me!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thunderbird Global Brand Plan Competition Winner!

Congrats to Eric... I haven't seen him much this last little while, but his hard work paid off. He's currently taking a brand management class where one of his projects was part of the Thunderbird Global Brand Plan Competition. He and two other classmates were working with a group from Target India to try and re-brand target as a great company to work for in India. They did a great job, won a little prize money, and get to sleep again! I've attached a brief clip of a video they made that was part of their presentation... Does it make you want to work for Target??