Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our 1st talk about girls!

I took Weston to dinner tonight and while we were sitting there eating we had the following conversation out of nowhere:

Weston: "Mom, let's talk about girls."
Me: "Okay, what about girls?"
Weston: "Do girls have heads?"
Me: "Yeah, girls have heads."
Weston: "They sure do! Okey Dokey!"

Hopefully our talks about girls stay this easy in the future!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weston Lately

I have a lot of pictures that need to update the blog with, but that will have to be another night. For now, I just wanted to put down a few things Weston's been saying and doing lately that make me smile:)

He is so passionate about everything. He doesn't "like" or "not like" anything. He either "LOVES" it or he "doesn't really love it berry much."

Today he told me that if I do a lot of golfing I would have a baby in my tummy.

They other day we were talking about Jesus, and I told Weston that when He was on Earth he asked all the little children to come to him and talked to them and blessed each one of them because He loves kids so much and wants them to be happy. Weston responded, "Mom, I'm a kid, He can talk to me!"

In the car the other day he said, "Rusty doesn't love cats very much." This came out of nowhere so it took me a minute to realize he was talking about the wrench on Handy Manny that Eric always calls a "scaredy-cat".

When Eric and I are talking to each other, Weston will often pop in with a "Hey guys, what are you talking about?"

When I ask him something and end with "Okay?" He responds "okay, okey dokey poopy dokey." He thinks he's hilarious:)

He's somehow caught on to peer pressure. The other day we drove past a tire store and he thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to go there. I told him, we don't need new tires right now and they are pretty expensive so we don't buy them all the time. He responded, "But EVERYONE is getting new tires, they're not too expensive." Then later that night I was putting him to bed and I left his door open because he'd been asking me to that past couple weeks. As I walked away he yells, "Mom, shut the door, ALL the moms shut the door."

This is just a drop in the bucket. I need to record what he says more often. I love this little guy. He can be a handful, but he makes me laugh everyday!