Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hana Hawaii!

I am back to blogging, and I am back in a big way! This is my (Eric) first post in years, so I apologize if this falls below the standard Chelsey has set.

Our good friends, Andy and Alex Thomas, invited us to join them in Hana, Hawaii on the island of Maui during Andy's break from residency and we couldn't have been happier to go. If you are friends with them, I recommend you check their blog for full details as Alex has done a far better review of the trip and all the activities we were able to fit in during our 10 day trip.

The trip started with us renting an awesome 4-door Jeep for the trip- I mainly did this so that people in Hawaii would know that I went to Skyline High School. Andy and I both fell in love with the Jeep and are now in the process of convincing our wives to let us buy one. I will probably just do it and surprise her, she loves that kind of stuff.

We had a great time- the Hana House (Alex's grandma's house) was amazing, check out the view we woke up to every morning.

Hana has so many great pools, beaches, places for cliff jumping, caves and hikes that we almost didn't need to go to the main part of the island. However, we did make it up for a day for some beach and pool time, and also to go to a real restaurant as Hana doesn't have much to choose from.

We had a blast and most of all, enjoyed great company from the Thomas crew. West still talks about Meg and Cole, but mostly Meg. What can I say, my boy likes girls! He even held her hand, meaning he did this about 20 years sooner than his dad!

On one of the last days, we also decided to take advantage of having a semi-pro photographer with us (Andy) and take some family pictures.

Thanks again to the Thomas crew- you guys are awesome!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weston Memories

I just wanted to write down a couple more things Weston's been saying that I want to remember!

Lately when we say something and he doesn't hear us or understand he says, "Say again?" He says it in the sweetest voice and I hope it lasts awhile before turning into something else.

We usually go on at least one walk a day. Usually I'm walking Danger and Weston is riding his bike or scooter. He'll take off from me and say "See you later! Love you!" Then meet up with me again 10 or 15 feet later and say, "Hi, how did your day be?" or "How did your walk be?" I tell him it was great and ask him and he replies the same and we do it all over again.

There was one more thing and I couldn't remember it. I just looked over at Weston and said, "What do you say that's so cute?" He replied, "YOU! You are so cute, Mom." I love this guy!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A visit from FRIENDS!!

Weston and I have been having friend withdraws since moving to Colorado. We love it here: We get family and we've been meeting a lot of great people, but it takes time to build relationships. Weston always asks if his Indiana friends will be anywhere we go. We've been so excited to see the McRaes and get to meet baby Brynn. It took West and Piper a minute to warm up, but you can tell by the pictures they enjoyed each other:) We're so grateful we will get to see them every once in awhile. It makes good byes a little easier. However, West keeps asking if Piper is going to fly to her grandma's and come to the park with us:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Eric's company had a national sales meeting and invited out everyone's spouses to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. I had so much fun getting to see a few Bloomington friends and getting to meet a few more or Eric's co-workers. We ate A LOT, relaxed, and danced more than I have since before we were married.

I guess we were having too much fun to take pictures (I had to steal this one off facebook!-thanks Joy) The night of the Gala we enjoyed dinner and some great impersonators. Tim McGraw was first, but they didn't introduce him as an impersonator so there was a mass flood to the dance floor/stage. I had to convince Eric he wasn't really Tim McGraw:) He was followed by David Bowie and Micheal Jackson!

One afternoon we took a "Mansions of the South" tour. It was fun, but we maybe could have choose better. When we first got on the bus our tour guide started naming off all of the "cool" things we could have done and asked "So why'd y'all choose this one??" However, it certainly doesn't get much better than these tour guides-

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day of Festivals!

A few weeks ago we hit up the PBS kids festival downtown in the morning and the Italian festival that night! It was a full day, but we had a lot of fun:)

He was pretty excited to meet Curious George:

His favorite part was the Urban Zoo:

Abusing the geese-

This picture was my favorite. He was getting brave and close to all the animals and then this guy decided to look at him. He almost fell over backwards into the trough in his fright.

The Italian festival was great food, great friends, and fun music!

Making Little feet wine-

Cleaning the grapes off-

Checkin' out the band with Lydia-

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Labor Day 2011

We decided to drive up Mt. Evans for Labor Day.

We stopped at one of the lake's on the way up to skip rocks:

Weston is still (a month later) telling people, "We saw mountain goats and I hiked up the rocks with My Dad." Apparently I wasn't there...

...but this is my proof!