Wednesday, June 9, 2010

18 Months and Loving Life (at least when we do things his way)

***Warning, if Weston doesn't call you "Grandma," this post might be a little overkill:)

The stats are in...our little guy is 35 1/2 inches tall and 29 Lbs (he's actually lost 6 ounces over the past month) This means he still off the charts for height and down to the 75%-90% for weight.

He is cracking us up more and more everyday. I'm pretty sure his favorite thing right now is 2, two of anything. When he tells me there's two of something he holds up both index fingers and says "two." When he's tired, and I ask him if he wants to take a nap, he says "two" and runs back to his bedroom. This means, yes I want to take a nap and I want 2 binkis. When we are reading a book, he finds everything that there are 2 of; even if that means he has to have one finger on a few pages back. He does this 2 thing 30 times a day, but this is the best picture I have. (the towel is keeping him from pointing that finger) He's telling me he and Daddy are washing "two" cars.

Tied for 2nd is being outside and driving...

This kid would stay outside all day if you let him...Playing with water is probably his first choice, but riding bikes, pushing his stroller around, or just running down to the mailbox (pointing out every bird on the way) are all good too...

If driving isn't a tie for second it is definitely a close third. Nearly every time we get in the car he throws a huge tantrum as we try to force him down and buckle him into his carseat. Not because he doesn't like his carseat, but because he wants to drive. As soon as we park and I unbuckle him, he jumps out of his seat and into the front seat to "drive." The city had a "touch a truck" event today, and I could barely manage to take pictures chase him and catch him as he was climbing up one truck and jumping off to run to the next. He LOVED it...

Other things he's into:

Clothes- mostly hats and shoes, but he'll try to take off or put on his clothes by himself too (so far unsuccessfully)

He has one pair of his own shoes that he's been able to put on by himself, but he usually goes for one of our pairs.

Hats...yes, it is always "two" hats

Mimicking us (or Danger) Everyday when we come in from walking Danger, Danger lays out on the kitchen floor to cool off. Weston has decided to join him lately...


And the Potty...

He saw another little kid use the toilet and has been obsessed ever since. He kept acting like he wanted to use the bathroom. Once I sat him on the toilet, and I think it scared him to death. He kept acting like he wanted to, but he'd run to the bathroom and when I got there to help him he'd run away. He is nowhere near ready to be potty trained, but we bought a little potty to help him with his fears. It worked in about two seconds. He loves it and goes back and forth sitting on the "two" potties.

We decided to celebrate Weston's 18 month birthday by breaking out this tricycle we bought him about a year ago. He loves it. His legs are just barely too short so his feet slip off the petals pretty easily, but I'm sure he'll have it down in the next month or so ...

His initial reaction was priceless (too bad the picture turned out blurry)

He concentrates REALLY hard trying to figure out the petals. Sometimes he gets frustrated and tries to push his feet with his hands like we do when we're helping him.

This is probably his favorite way to ride it right now...

And to top it off...her are a few of the ladies in his life (at least the ones we have pictures of:

"Ella" - He's got quite a thing for this little girl. She'll tolerate him, but I don't think she's feeling it:

...and this may be why-

We had to say goodbye to this little lady (and the pictures speak louder than words, that West was quite fond of her)

Believe it or not, she's got a belly button just like him. (We might have more than one thing to teach him is not appropriate)

And finally, the older woman.

We babysat this little girl and her brother a little while ago and we took Danger for a few walks. When we crossed the street, we said "okay, we need to hold hands" and Makenna ran right over to Weston to help him. It was so cute we had to get a picture. (And Weston thought he was pretty cool!)

And this in not even half of what he's doing lately. He's keeping us busy, but we sure love our little guy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


We're so excited that Eric is home from his trip! Weston really missed him this time. Occasionally he'd say, "more, dad, more" while signing more. He's really into more of everything right now. It was sad, but sweet. Anyway, to celebrate Eric getting home we decided to take Weston bowling for the first time and he LOVED it!!

We started with the ramp-

But he decided that he didn't need it...

He also loved the blowing ally food and video games (He loves to "drive")

And lately, we can't get him to stop doing this, but it seemed appropriate at the bowling alley so I took a picture??