Monday, August 27, 2012

Park City!

We were able to take a low key family vacation to Park City. I had bought a Groupon that was about to expire so we had to use it or lose it. We decided to use it in Park City so that we could introduce Livi to family, and it worked out that we were able to go to our new nephew, Andrew's, blessing too! I was too focused on getting to the church on time that I forgot the camera and didn't get any pictures, but it was a great day, and Jay gave a beautiful blessing to their sweet new baby. We were trying to stay up in Park City and have a more relaxing vacation, opposed to the crazy driving all over the state that we usually do while we are in Utah, since Livi was so little and we were sleeping so little:) Other than having to take Eric to the airport and pick him up (Yes, he had to miss a couple days of our trip for work) we were able to do that and our friends and family obliged us and came to us which was SO NICE! Weston, Livi, and I flew over and Eric drove. We were nervous to drive with Livi since she really doesn't like being in the car, but we were planning to go to a family reunion on the way back so we needed to drive home. The kids were awesome on the plane...they both slept!
Tony came up one morning to hang out: There was a great trail up the street from us that went from our hotel to main street and passed a bunch or fields and parks and these basketball courts-
The boys did the Alpine slide-
Weston and I made ourselves busy while Eric and Tony were doing the Mountain Coaster-
We did lots of swimming at the hotel. Even Livi took a dip!
Livi did a lot of this. Luckily while she doesn't like her carseat, she really likes her stroller!
Loving a snow cone on one of our walks:
Erica and Ashley and cute little Tenley and Max came to visit one day. It's so fun to get together with good friends. It's always like no time has past since you seen each other. Weston loved pushing Max in his stroller even though they both look miserable here:
We spent the evening up at my grandma's the day we had to pick Eric up at the airport. Playing in the backyard with Chad and Jax (Weston's 2nd cousin?)-
Aunt Tiff and Chey came up to keep up company while Eric was gone, but I guess we were having too much fun chatting to take pictures? Jay and Jessie came up and we were able to celebrate Jay's birthday with them- Making our way up Main St.
Some cousin fun-
Livi Chilling in her stroller again-
And some random Park City fun- I feel pretty lucky that these two guys are mine:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Uncle James!

We went to heritage square to celebrate James' 30ths birthday with him. I wasn't planning on going on the slide so I asked Weston if he wanted to ride with Grandma (thinking she wouldn't mind going a little slower) he responded "No, James." and he was pretty set on it. He sure loves James! James obliged:
My mom decided she wanted to hang out with Livi so I went up for round 2!
Happy Birthday James!!


Oh she's so sweet:)

Meeting Grandma Beverly!

My grandma came to visit, meet Livi, and help me out while Eric was out of town a few weeks ago. We mostly just chatted and hung out, but we had a few fun outings as well.
One night we met up with my dad and Nic to go bowling:
These guys are pretty good buddies. Weston couldn't get enough of being tossed in the air, but he looked terrified EVERY time:)
We had a Bachelorette Finale party! My grandma was into it just as much as Eric and I. I didn't get any pictures of us, but we had fun food:
Livi got all dressed up to go to church for the first time and looked beautiful! When we got home Grandma had cleaned the whole house!!
Thanks for coming Grandma! Love you!

Congrats Dad!

A few weeks ago my dad participated in the "Double Triple Bypass" and I took West and Livi to go meet him at the finish line. It's an amazing race that is over 200 miles round trip and covers three mountain passes up and then three coming back as well. They had horrible weather, but he stuck in there and finished! Congrats Dad!!


Livi is a sweetheart, but she really doesn't like being in her carseat and screams most places that we go. This is what Weston looks like everywhere we go (and that is "baby bear" buckled in next to him):

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July! We started out at the lake. West loved hanging out with Luke in the water and catching frogs with Lucy on the beach. He looks really brave in the pictures, but he usually made Lucy catch them and hold and finally got brave at the end of the day:) We then cleaned up and went to a BBQ with friends, but I didn't get any pictures. The kids had a blast trying to catch "potato bugs" Weston went from scared to death of them to know he has to pick up everyone he sees and put them in a cup. We started to tell him we need to leave them with their families after a couple came to untimely deaths in a plastic cup:)

First Bath

My effort to try and document her firsts. I didn't have quite enough hands, but she loved the bath just not getting out:)

Meeting Grandma and Aunt Tiff!

Tiff and Krista came out to meet Livi and help me while Eric was out of town. It was so great to hang out and chat and have help to play with Weston. I was obviously sleep deprived or something because I failed to get any pictures of them with Livi, but as you can tell Weston was spoiled with attention and absolutely loved it! And so did I:) Grandma brought lots of presents for Livi and Weston wasn't left out:
We got to go watch one of Weston's soccer games:
Go to the Park:
And this is just a cute picture from the weekend before. Eric and Weston flew over to Utah for a day trip to go to the Nielson family summer party. Weston decided to give Grandma the longest kiss ever:

Baby Bear

Since Livi was born Weston has taken "Baby Bear" on as his own. He changes his diaper 100 times a day. He feeds him. He is the mom and dad and lives in the living room with Baby bear and he buckles him up in Livi's carseat to bring him to "grandma's house" (that's me) in the family room. He does this over and over. Baby bear is usually in a baby outfit, but this day Weston decided he was two years old now so he needed bigger boy clothes. I had to get at least one picture of baby bear to remember:)