Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah Trip- Part 1

Neither Eric or I had been to the dentist in a while so we recently both went in for an exam. The results...Eric needed a cleaning...I need 2 root canals, a few couple crowns, and a few fillings totaling several thousand dollars. While this initially seemed to be HORRIBLE news, it turned out pretty good...

I have an uncle in Idaho that's a dentist and he and my aunt offered to do the work for MUCH cheaper. Eric's family was also having a surprise party for his grandparent's 64th anniversary that we really wanted to go to, but were having a hard time justifying the plane tickets. We were thinking we might just send Eric or something like that. Anyway, thanks to my horrible teach and generous family, we had a great excuse to go to Utah and we could actually feel like we were saving a bunch of money!!!

Weston got to spend a bunch of time with Grandma Beverly since I was either in the dental chair or working most of the time. He loved Aunt Leslie's back yard and moving all the dirt and rocks to different locations. Even if some of the dirt may have had carrots growing in it:(

Aunt Leslie also took us to the circus...turns out the circus was pretty lame, but Weston didn't stop clapping and yelling "Yay" for the first 45 minutes. I think everyone within 15 of us were more entertained by Weston than the circus-

yep...that's it. That's about as exciting as it got.

I'm pretty sure 90% of the time was spent trying to get people to spend money on inflatable toys and elephant rides...Weston didn't get to go, but he was just as happy watching!

Over the weekend, we headed back to Salt Lake. We got to have a play date with Carson and Erika. Carson wasn't quite sure about Weston at first, but they warmed up to each other before we left!

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Weston's Grammy said...

He is just the most adorable kid ever!! Miss him so much! I love you Weston