Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah - Father's Day

Eric celebrated Father's Day alone, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself! He is a great daddy and we sure missed him.

Weston and I started off Father's Day with a lunch in honor of Grandpa LaMont:

This is my cousin Chad and his wife Casadee. They went with Weston and Grandma Beverly to the park one day while I was working and from then on out, if you mentioned either Chad or Casadee it got a "more, more" The funniest part is that he thought Chad was both Chad and Casadee:)

Next, we surprise crashed the Father's Day dinner for Grandpa Stan. Eric called on Skype at the same time that we showed up at the door...It was pretty fun and I think they were pretty shocked to see us!

Cheyenne got the "more, more" response from Weston too.

He's giving her the puppy dog eyes to try and get her to take him back outside. The picture does not do it justice...

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