Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July Happenings!

Lately we've been trying to keep busy without melting! Weston doesn't seem to notice the heat or humidity, but I can't handle it...ughhh.

Weston LOVES helping Eric mow the lawn

Weston's books were getting a little trashed and starting to overflow the drawer they were in so we decided to get a little bookshelf. Weston and I put it together one night while Eric was gone. I thought it'd be pretty quick and easy, but having the help of a one and half year old makes things a little tricky. Weston LOVED it. I couldn't keep him and his hammer or screw driver away from the shelf, and he had to work on the same screw/nail as me. He spent the next couple days hammering everything...

Making our own fun!

Wonder Lab (Bloomington's smaller version of the children's museum)

A little bored, cute, and trying to get mom's attention..

We've spent a few days at the pool. Weston LOVES the water slides and can't get enough of the water. If you even mention swimming (or bowling) he won't let you forget it. He has exploded with words lately and I'm pretty sure he'll figure out how to say something if he wants it bad enough; which means "bowing" and "swimming" came very quick and easy!

We heard about a petting zoo that was being put on as a fund raiser for autism so we went to check it out. It's a good thing it was for a good cause :)

The lady was trying to convince of that rats are GREAT pets and we should buy one. Weston's face shows exactly what I was thinking.

West was pretty excited about the goose. He loves The Little Red Hen book, and was pretty excited to see a real live goose:

If we go early enough in the morning or late enough at the evening we can still venture out to the park.
Once he found the drinking fountain it was tough to drag him away from it.

He caught some air jumping on the spider web with Cooper-

Weston LOVES his big kid friends "Cooker" and "Uby." We are really going to miss them and their great parents when they leave us this weekend!


Laura said...

What a CUTIE! I love the picture with him in the sunglasses and also the one of him drinking from the fountain. We can't wait to get back and play more with you guys!

George and Ashley said...

Cute!! Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun this summer!