Monday, August 27, 2012

Park City!

We were able to take a low key family vacation to Park City. I had bought a Groupon that was about to expire so we had to use it or lose it. We decided to use it in Park City so that we could introduce Livi to family, and it worked out that we were able to go to our new nephew, Andrew's, blessing too! I was too focused on getting to the church on time that I forgot the camera and didn't get any pictures, but it was a great day, and Jay gave a beautiful blessing to their sweet new baby. We were trying to stay up in Park City and have a more relaxing vacation, opposed to the crazy driving all over the state that we usually do while we are in Utah, since Livi was so little and we were sleeping so little:) Other than having to take Eric to the airport and pick him up (Yes, he had to miss a couple days of our trip for work) we were able to do that and our friends and family obliged us and came to us which was SO NICE! Weston, Livi, and I flew over and Eric drove. We were nervous to drive with Livi since she really doesn't like being in the car, but we were planning to go to a family reunion on the way back so we needed to drive home. The kids were awesome on the plane...they both slept!
Tony came up one morning to hang out: There was a great trail up the street from us that went from our hotel to main street and passed a bunch or fields and parks and these basketball courts-
The boys did the Alpine slide-
Weston and I made ourselves busy while Eric and Tony were doing the Mountain Coaster-
We did lots of swimming at the hotel. Even Livi took a dip!
Livi did a lot of this. Luckily while she doesn't like her carseat, she really likes her stroller!
Loving a snow cone on one of our walks:
Erica and Ashley and cute little Tenley and Max came to visit one day. It's so fun to get together with good friends. It's always like no time has past since you seen each other. Weston loved pushing Max in his stroller even though they both look miserable here:
We spent the evening up at my grandma's the day we had to pick Eric up at the airport. Playing in the backyard with Chad and Jax (Weston's 2nd cousin?)-
Aunt Tiff and Chey came up to keep up company while Eric was gone, but I guess we were having too much fun chatting to take pictures? Jay and Jessie came up and we were able to celebrate Jay's birthday with them- Making our way up Main St.
Some cousin fun-
Livi Chilling in her stroller again-
And some random Park City fun- I feel pretty lucky that these two guys are mine:

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Neugat said...

I pulled up your blog and KK was sitting on my bed and goes "Hey that's Weston!" He must have left an impression on her since they've only met a couple of times :)