Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Bear

Since Livi was born Weston has taken "Baby Bear" on as his own. He changes his diaper 100 times a day. He feeds him. He is the mom and dad and lives in the living room with Baby bear and he buckles him up in Livi's carseat to bring him to "grandma's house" (that's me) in the family room. He does this over and over. Baby bear is usually in a baby outfit, but this day Weston decided he was two years old now so he needed bigger boy clothes. I had to get at least one picture of baby bear to remember:)

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Laura said...

CUTE!! I love all the pictures. Livi looks absolutely adorable in her dress for her first appearance at church. Both kids look adorable in all the pictures! You look fabulous and it's fun to see so many pictures and updates. I'm glad you are having fun and have lots of people around to help!