Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting Grandma and Aunt Tiff!

Tiff and Krista came out to meet Livi and help me while Eric was out of town. It was so great to hang out and chat and have help to play with Weston. I was obviously sleep deprived or something because I failed to get any pictures of them with Livi, but as you can tell Weston was spoiled with attention and absolutely loved it! And so did I:) Grandma brought lots of presents for Livi and Weston wasn't left out:
We got to go watch one of Weston's soccer games:
Go to the Park:
And this is just a cute picture from the weekend before. Eric and Weston flew over to Utah for a day trip to go to the Nielson family summer party. Weston decided to give Grandma the longest kiss ever:

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