Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting Grandma Beverly!

My grandma came to visit, meet Livi, and help me out while Eric was out of town a few weeks ago. We mostly just chatted and hung out, but we had a few fun outings as well.
One night we met up with my dad and Nic to go bowling:
These guys are pretty good buddies. Weston couldn't get enough of being tossed in the air, but he looked terrified EVERY time:)
We had a Bachelorette Finale party! My grandma was into it just as much as Eric and I. I didn't get any pictures of us, but we had fun food:
Livi got all dressed up to go to church for the first time and looked beautiful! When we got home Grandma had cleaned the whole house!!
Thanks for coming Grandma! Love you!

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