Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We had to say Goodbye to Piper yesterday and Weston has already asked about her a couple times today:( We were lucky enough to get to watch her while her parents finished packing and cleaning:

Watering plants with their sippy cups:

Pumping up the stroller tires that haven't been used in a while:

We went for a couple walks! (Thanks to getting to ride in the stroller with Piper, Weston is liking his stroller again! He stayed in it all the way to the park and back today:)

We made granola bars. I'm not going to lie, this was a little tricky with two kids. We forgot to put the eggs in, but they're still edible:)

They had fun pushing each other up the hill in Weston's bike. I was really surprised that Piper could push Weston!

We sure will miss this little cutie and her family!

We've been pretty busy lately and I've been going picture crazy so there are more new posts below (YIKES!)

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Lesly said...

I thought I commented, but I guess I didn't. We'll miss you guys too and I love that Pippy ahs her own post. I hope everyting works out for you guys in CO and keep in touch!