Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bloomington is an odd place to be in the spring. You wait all winter long in anticipation of spring and warm weather, but then it gets here and it also means goodbyes as you inevitably lose a friend or two to IUs graduation. Of course we are excited for all of our friends that will be leaving to start the next phase of their lives, but we sure will miss them!

We started a little pre-school/play-school with some friends back in the fall and last month was my turn to host. We do two weeks of play and two week of school. The first school week we learned about school buses. The kids had a lot, but I think their favorite activity was red light/green light. This is them making their school bus place mats and eating their sack lunches:

Are play week was right by Easter so we couldn't resist having some Easter fun! I saw this cookie painting idea on my friend Catherine's blog, The kids loved it! Weston has requested to do it a couple times since (too bad we don't always have sugar cookies lying around) We followed that up with an indoor Easter Egg hunt, that was pretty competitive for 2 year olds:)

The next week we went to a park and learned a little bit about magnifying glasses. The kids did a little treasure hunt and then colored the things we found on the hunt!

We decided to go to Pizza Huts lunch buffet after the park. Turns out that is a great place to go with kids!

We've been trying to squeeze in as much fun with friends as possible before they leave. One rainy Saturday we took the kids to see Rio. The girls loved it and were so good the whole time. Weston loved it, but had a little trouble sitting still. At one point he told me, "All be right back mom" and tried to walk out? Later he was trying to escape again, and I asked him where he was going, he told me, "I'm going to walk home." All in all, he did pretty good for him:)

About a week ago we got to go to another friend, Daniel's, 3rd birthday. Weston is still talking about the party and all the bubbles and balls!

These two boys are REALLY glad that springtime is here!

We had a "Good Bye" BBQ with the pre-school group since the McRaes and Carlstons would soon be leaving to start their new jobs, and we hopefully will soon be moving to keep our same jobs, but enjoy our family! It's a little sad that these little kids that have become such good friends will all be living in different states by the time summer's over:( Gratefully Piper and Ella both have grandparents that live in Colorado so we might get to see them every once in a while! Now we'll just have to work on Scott getting a job in Colorado so that we can still hang out with the Jones:)

Weston LOVES to "scare" lately. He will, out-of-nowhere, put up his hands and say "RRARRR". He especially loves the response he gets from family on Skype.

The Dads:)

The pre-school group (Nicol and Will, Lesly and Piper, Me and Weston, and Laura and Ella)

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Dave and Catherine said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun with the cookie painting! It looks like you have the same cookie cutters we used. :) Abi kept asking about it for awhile afterwards too: "painting?"
You come up with so many fun, creative ideas for preschool activities! I'm definitely going to have to borrow some in the future.