Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Sale Find!

We definitely don't need anymore junk right before moving, but every neighborhood around ours was having a neighborhood garage sale today so we couldn't resist checking it out and now we have one more thing to move, but isn't he cute!

The clubs in it are a little big for him, but my dad made him some for his birthday that will fit perfect. He was pretty excited to have a bag just like Daddy's! And I was pretty excited to get the bag, clubs and about 20 golf balls for $5!!


Laura said...

WOW! What a steal and a great find! It's worth packing up. :-)

Let the Good Times Roll said...

That is a fabulous find! He looks so cute wearing it!

Lesly said...

When are you guys moving? I love the golf clubs. We need to get Pip a set too, she's always talking about going golfing with daddy!