Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Better late than never! Weston found the Easter Egg dying kit that we never used and has been begging me to do it so I decided to see if any of his friends wanted to come do it with us. He and Ella were quick, but had a lot of fun. Weston loved eating the eggs for dinner. I had to take a picture of his plate because I still can't believe he likes such healthy food, and yes he ate almost all of it:) Then at about 8 o`clock he told me he was ready for bed and he went to bed. I'm not sure whose kid this is???

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Laura said...

Wow! He actually requested to go to bed? Are you sure he didn't get switched at the park or something? :-) Enjoy it while it lasts. I'm impressed he ate such a healthy dinner!! And thanks for having us over for egg-dying. Ella loved it!