Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Skyler!

I feel like Taylor has been pregnant FOREVER!  We've been so excited to meet this baby girl and she kept playing tricks on her mom, but she finally came about a week late.  Taylor invited me to be there when she had her and it was amazing.  Skye gave Taylor a run for her money for 23 hours, but Taylor was amazing and Skyler is beautiful and as sweet as can be!
Livi was much more friendly with Skyler before she was born...She's a little jealous now:)

Don't let her fool you.  She looks like she wants to see Skyler, but she really wants whoever is holding Skyler to hold her:)
Still Jealous.  She been known to push her away.  Hopefully their friendship only gets better from here!

Weston on the other-hand LOVES her!

Skyler Mae Brinkerhoff - so sweet!

We even drug Nic along with us to see his new Niece:)

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