Monday, June 17, 2013

Utah May 2013!

We were so excited to attended Jordan and Les's wedding that we decided to make a family trip out of it and go early enough for Eric to help plan a bachelor party for Pig in Wendover.  The guys definitely had fun, but the only picture I have access to from the bachelor party isn't really blog appropriate and we had so much fun at the wedding and reception that I didn't take any pictures but we're so happy for Jordan and Les!

The rest of our trip to Utah was great too.  When we left we decided it was one of our best trips to Utah yet.  Here's the quick version:

Fountains at City Creek - They could have stayed all day!

Park Night with Jax!

Treehouse Children's museum

My Climber!

Oh, how the world would be different with Grandma Beverly as President


Dress up!

The little sister and little brother

The big brother and big sister

More Cousin fun with Dawson!

Stella's everyone's favorite puppy!

Uncle Wrestling

Great Grandpa Reed!

Taking flowers to Grandma LuAnn

Friend Playdate at the Park!

Great Grandpa Ragsdale came to aunt Tiff's 2nd grade class to do Chemistry Magic and we got to go watch!

Grandma Krista was the energizer bunny.   She played and played and played with the kids and they loved it!  They can't wait for her to come out here in a month!

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