Monday, May 20, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great Easter this year.  A  week before Easter I decided to try and make the holiday a little more meaningful so I ran out and bought the book A Christ Centered Easter.  We did a very basic version of each of the activities each day leading up to Easter and it was GREAT!  I only got one picture all week, but Weston's favorite part was acting the stories out (with our really elaborate costumes:).
Weston as one of the 10 Virgins with his lamp full of oil
A few days before Easter a friend had us over for a little Easter party and lunch.  It was so cute.  She filled eggs with the kids lunch and hid them around the house.  West was a little older and filled his basket with eggs pretty quick.

 The three cute boys and their spicy drinks and treat straws.  Does it really get any better for a kid?
 Cascarones- I had never seen these before, but they were so much fun.  Confetti filled Easter egg fight!

The younger siblings jealously watching and trying to get outside!

Finally made it.  This girl could stay outside all day!
Easter Day
Looking good on Easter Sunday

My mom put together a cute Easter egg hunt for Weston and the neighbor girls!

Counting his loot!

Livi couldn't get enough of the eggs.  She shook them all day until she figured out how to open them.  Then she realized they had candy in them and we spent the rest of the night trying to keep her from choking on jelly beans.

Thanks for the fun Easter Day Grandma and Grandpa

Playing with his prizes from the Egg hunt!

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kachers said...

so fun to catch up on here! love that Weston played flag football and got his first trophy :> Livi is so beautiful! and getting so big! and I really love the Easter picture of the kids - darling!! Thinking of you guys !