Sunday, December 2, 2012

California 2012!!

Weston walked into our hotel and literally fell asleep standing up.  He was snoring:)
We decided to do a family trip to California and use up some flight vouchers we had.  I was almost going to let the vouchers expire and not go because I felt like life had been too crazy and I wanted to stay home for a little while, but I'm so glad we went.  It really was one of the best trips we've done as a family thanks to GREAT friends and a laid back schedule!

The trip there was interesting.  Eric met us there from a work trip so I was flying with both kids which really isn't a big deal, but it proved to be an adventure.  When we got to the airport, the kiosk wasn't pulling up or tickets which I came to find out was because our tickets were cancelled.  I never found out why, but after about 30 minutes the ticketing agent got us back on the flight and told us we'd need to run.  So we took off.  When it was our turn to go through security, I picked Livi up out of her carseat and she was covered in poop (sorry, but it's true).  At that point, I could do nothing about it.  So the security agent helped me get through security and I put her back in her carseat and we continued running to the train.  When we got off the train, our flight was supposed to take off in about 15 minutes, but we ran to the bathroom and I'm sure we were quite the scene.  I was stripping Livi down, I went through every wipe we had and I was throwing her clothes, wipes, etc. to the trash a couple feet away while trying to not drop Livi.  In the meantime, Weston was hysterically laughing at us.  We ran to the gate, where the gate agent gave me a dirty look and we quickly got on the plane and walked past every person to our seats on the very back row:)  The kids both did great on the flight.  We then had a 3 hour layover, and got back on another flight.  As soon as I sat down in my seat, I noticed my arm was wet...lucky it wasn't as bad this time as I only brought one back up out-fit for Livi, but I couldn't believe it.  I just started laughing.  Both kids were great on the second flight as well.  Once we got to LA, we found out Eric flight had been delayed so we ended up waiting about an hour or so for him before we caught the shuttle to the hotel.  Above is the picture of Weston when we finally made it:)  Love that kid!

DAY 1 - We kicked off our trip with a character breakfast.  We didn't want to do Disneyland, but Weston really wanted to see Mickey.  He was a little hesitant at first and then couldn't get enough of the characters!

Finished the Day with Mini Golf and the "kitchen sink" of ice cream.  We had so much fun hanging out with the Thomas and Brown Family.  I love when we have friends we love to hang out with and Weston loves it too.  He could not have been happier.  He's still talking about his friends a couple months later and wants to go back.  On the way to get ice cream, he told us a few times that he is going to marry Meg when he's taller.  We would love that!

DAY 2- Utah vs. UCLA football game and swimming at the hotel to cool off later!

Weston with his binoculars.  He had to get a few rows ahead of us.  I guess we were too distracting.  It was a proud moment for Eric:)

The boys!

DAY 3- We saw some sights in LA and drove down to San Diego to the Malfatto's (a friend of Eric's from work) Played at the park and just hung out.

Day 4- Sea World and Fire at the Beach

We had heard that Sea World was great for little kids and it was true for us.  We had so much fun, but wished it was open longer, you just can't fit everything in before they close at 5.  Weston is as tall as a 6 year old so he was able to go on most of the rides.  On one of the bigger ones he went with Eric and was pretty brave until after the first drop and then decided he didn't want to do it anymore.  It was too late, but he was still smiling when they got off.  I just couldn't convince him to go again with me:)


DAY 5- We didn't have a lot of time before we had to head to the airport so we decided to go check out the Mormon Battalion history site, which was actually pretty fun:)

This picture is just as we pulled up to return our rental car.  On the way to the airport we stopped to get gas and Weston really wanted to help Eric.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but somehow the gas pump slipped out of the car and gas was pouring all over the side of the car and Weston.  Luckily we had our suit cases, but it was yet another outfit that had to be thrown away and Weston got a quick wash down with paper towels and industrial soap in the gas station/auto shop bathroom before we headed to the airport.  Oh, and Livi had another blow-out at the restaurant we were at right before we got gas.  Yes, I'm serious.  We decided flying scares the ____ out of her:)

The trip was perfect!  I hope we have many more family trips that are this fun in our future!

Thanks to all of our friends that made it so great!


Sharee said...

I honestly cannot believe you did all that and survived flying. You act like it was not big deal. I may have given up. You look like you had so much fun. So neat!

Alex said...

Flying scares the ____ out of Livi. hahaha You're a trooper.